Minister Varank Participated in Virtual Operation with Police Special Operations

Industry and Technology Minister Mustafa Varank participated in a virtual operation organized by special operations police in a cell house in the Virtual Tactical Training Center (SATEM) within the Special Operations Directorate of the General Directorate of Security. Minister Varank said, “It is a source of pride that our security forces use high technology. They receive their education in the most realistic scenarios without any risk. ” said.

Minister of Industry and Technology Varank made examinations at the Virtual Tactical Training Center (SATEM) within the General Directorate of Security Special Operations Directorate in Gölbaşı, Ankara. Minister Varank was accompanied by Mehmet Aktaş, Head of Special Operations Selami Türker and Head of Aviation Department Uygar Elmastaşı during his visit to the center, which was opened in the past weeks.


Receiving information about the work initiated in the Virtual Tactical Operation Center, Minister Varank organized an operation in a cell house used by terrorists in accordance with the scenario. Having received training from the police before the cell house simulated virtual operation, Varank entered into a conflict with the special operators and neutralized the terrorist elements there by using virtual weapons.


Reminding that Süleyman Soylu, the Minister of Internal Affairs, opened SATEM some time ago, Varank said, “This is one of the highest level centers where technology is developed and used in special operations. Here, our policemen carry out their training just like in the real environment in the simulations created. This is one of the largest virtual tactical training centers in the world. ” said.


Varank stated that he visited the police officers who were trained at the center and received information about the system. It is proud that our security forces use high technology. They receive their education in the most realistic scenarios without any risk. When we consider the investment costs, they can perform this training much cheaper than the training with real bullets. ” he spoke.


Varank noted that the trainings were completed by experiencing the same feelings and passing through the same difficulties in the virtual environment and said, “I am proud that such a training center has been brought to our country. Hopefully, our security forces will complete their training in the best way, and will continue to serve at the forefront of the defense of our country and they will improve their capabilities. ” said.

OPERATION did not seek the truth

Minister Varank continued: First, we went through the training tracks. Then, in the scenario of conflict with the terrorists inside the building, we of course were together with our police friends as amateurs. Despite being in a virtual environment, you experience the same effort, the same excitement as if it were real. It is both exciting and pleasing that the point at which technology comes is so realistic and that such a technology is used by our security forces.


In this newly opened center, special operations police attend training programs in many different scenarios, from missing a plane to subway and refinery raids. Located in the center of 500 square meters of indoor space, special operations police officers working in Turkey are subjected to in-service training in certain periods. Thanks to these trainings, special operations police are being prepared for different scenarios and improving their knowledge and experience in a less risky environment.

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