How will public transportation be in Istanbul for 4 days? Metro Metrobus and Ferry Work?

The curfew, announced at intervals due to the Covid-19 pandemic, will also be applied from 16 to 19 May. While the residents of Istanbul stay in their homes following the curfew restricted for 4 days, many of the İBB's subsidiaries and units will continue their services without interruption in order to keep the city in peace and to keep things from interrupting. Having the opportunity to work comfortably in the city streets and streets in the curfews announced earlier, IMM will have the chance to complete the projects it carries out in the next 11 days more quickly.

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) will continue its services to Istanbul residents with 19 personnel during the 16-day curfew, which will be valid between May 19 and 4, within the scope of Covid-11 pandemic measures. In addition to basic needs such as transportation, water, natural gas and bread, IMM, which will continue to provide security services with vegetable and fruit market, elderly and disabled care, funeral services, medical and solid waste disposal, mobile hygiene team, ALO 566, construction site works, will not make any deficiency. In the curfew restrictions announced before, IMM had the chance to complete the projects that progress slowly in places where vehicle and pedestrian traffic is heavy, thanks to the emptying of city streets and avenues. Some of the projects carried out by İSKİ in Kadıköy, Seyit Ahmet Creek, Ortaköy coast, are zamIt will be finished earlier than the moment and will be put into service at the end of June.


Mobile hygiene teams of the IMM Health Department will continue their hygiene activities in public institutions and hospitals. For outdoor disinfection, 10 personnel will continue their services for 5 days with 4 vehicles, and for indoor disinfection, 64 personnel will continue their services on Saturday, Sunday and Monday with 30 vehicles. In order to combat mosquitoes caused by the warming of the weather, 412 personnel will carry out spraying work across the city on Monday.

İBB, which will continue its home healthcare services on Monday and Tuesday, with 182 staff and 69 vehicles, will serve Community Mental Health Services with 15 personnel, 3 psychiatrists and 76 psychologists for 4 days.


İSPARK parking lots will be closed for 4 days. However, in order to avoid any problems during the days of the ban, a total of 203 İSPARK personnel, including the General Directorate, Some Open and Multi-storey Car Parks, Alibeyköy Pocket Bus Station P + R, İstinye and Tarabya Marina, Bayrampaşa Vegetable-Fruit Market and Kozyatağı Vegetable-Fruit Market will be found on duty.


In curfews, İSKİ has the opportunity to work more comfortably due to heavy vehicle and human traffic. The projects that will be completed in a long time progress much faster thanks to the relaxed streets and streets. İSKİ, with 4 thousand 5 personnel, will carry out its works at 850 different points in Istanbul on wastewater, rain water, stream rehabilitation and drinking water, under the 40-day curfew.


On the European Side;
Beşiktaş Barbaros Boulevard, Beşiktaş Ortaköy, Beşiktaş Şair Nedim Caddesi, Beşiktaş Nisbetiye Caddesi, Zeytinburnu 10. Yıl Stream, Bakırköy Kennedy Caddesi, Bakırköy İstanbul Caddesi, Bakırköy Yeşilköy, Bakırköy Galeria AVM, Avcılar Saadetdere, Şişli Akar Caddesi, Şişli Dolapdere Caddesi, Eyüp Haliç -Yavedüt Caddesi, Beyoğlu Dolapdere Caddesi, Beyoğlu Meclisi Mebusan Caddesi.

On the Anatolian Side;
Pendik Ankara Street (Sabiha Gökçen Airport Road), Kartal Square, Kartal Cengiz Topel Street, Kartal Karlıktepe, Kadıköy Pier, Kadıköy E-5 Underpass, Kadıköy Dinlenç Stream, Üsküdar Coast, Üsküdar Square, Üsküdar Libadiye Street, Ümraniye Tantavi Tunnel Underpass , Ümraniye Küçüksu Caddesi, Beykoz Ali Bahadır Creek, Ataşehir Libadiye Caddesi, Tuzla Birlik OSB.


İSTAÇ, mechanical washing, mechanical sweeping and mechanical sweeping in public areas such as main roads, squares, Marmaray and subway entrances, overpasses - underpasses, bus platforms / stops, Bayrampaşa and Ataşehir States, hospitals and various public institutions and establishments. will continue hand sweeping work for 4 days without interruption.

In the cleaning works to be carried out by İSTAÇ for 4 days, the area of ​​2 million 162 thousand 580 square meters (the size of approximately 303 football fields) will be demolished, and the area of ​​16 million 555 thousand 80 square meters (about the size of 2 thousand 319 football fields) will be cleaned by sweeping with mechanical tools. .


İSTAÇ, during the day shift on May 16-17-18-19, will wash the roads in the cemeteries and its surroundings under the İBB Cemeteries Department, which are suitable for mechanical washing work, and will also assign hand sweeping teams to clean the points that vehicles cannot enter. At the end of the 4 days, the vehicles will be 141 times and 416 staff will be on duty.


On the Asian and European sides, approximately 245 tons of medical waste, including quarantine dormitories, will be collected in 4 vehicles by 323 personnel on 55-day shifts. 93 personnel will work for disposal. The number of personnel of İSTAÇ who will work for 4 days will be 6.


İGDAŞ will work with 7 thousand 24 personnel in shifts, especially 187/4 Emergency Response teams, 883 Natural Gas Emergency Telephone Line Center and logistics teams, in order to deliver natural gas continuously and safely throughout Istanbul.


It will serve 621 personnel in City Lines, ships, piers and Haliç Shipyard. During 4 days, a total of 15 voyages will be carried out on 11 berths, on 1 piers, 6 ships and 382 steamer.

Lines to be served:
İstinye-Çubuklu Ferry Line.


IETT will make 4 thousand 42 trips within a 340-day period. A total of 91 vehicles will be allocated to 141 public and private hospitals.

It was decided to apply curfews for 4 days, Saturday, Sunday, Monday and Tuesday. Many citizens, such as those working in the public service, healthcare professionals, pharmacists, bakers, will continue to go to their jobs during the restriction days. IETT will continue its flights until 01:00 on Wednesday night for Istanbulites who have to go to work. In the first two days of curfew, that is, on Saturday and Sunday, 494 trips will be made with 488 even 8 vehicles. On Monday and Tuesday, 358 thousand 494 flights will be organized with 512 even 12 vehicles. Spare vehicles will be kept for instant requests on the lines, and if demand occurs, they will be directed to the relevant lines.

In addition, a total of 4 private and public hospitals were allocated to vehicles during the four days of the restriction. A total of 91 vehicles were commissioned to serve the hospital staff on Saturday, Sunday, Monday and Tuesday.

On the Metrobus line, there will be a 06-minute flight between 10 am and 3 am on Saturday and Sunday. There will be an expedition between 10 and 16 every 10 minutes. Again, between 16 and 20 voyages will be made every 3 minutes. Flights from 20 to 24 will be held every 15 minutes.

On Mondays and Tuesdays, there will be flights every 06 minutes between 10 and 3 am, every 10 minutes between 16 and 10, every 16 minutes between 20 and 3, and every 20 minutes between 01 and 10.

Time range 16-17 May 18-19 May
06:00 - 10:00 3 minutes 3 minutes
10:00 - 16:00 10 minutes 10 minutes
16:00 - 20:00 3 minutes 3 minutes
20:00 - 00:00 15 minutes X
20:00 - 01:00 X 10 minutes


During the 4-day curfew, Boğaziçi Yönetim AŞ will be on the field in İBB service units, affiliates and areas used by Istanbul residents, with a team of 102 people consisting of technical and cleaning staff.

In addition, for parents who will spend time at home due to the ban, Expert Psychologist Ceyda Yanar will meet with her audience on a live broadcast on Sunday at 16:00 on the Boğaziçi Yönetim Instagram account, with a chat on "Children and anxiety management during the pandemic period".


ISTON, Hacı Osman Grove landscaping, Kadıköy Kurbağalıdere Yoğurtçu Park Sea structure and landscaping between Moda, Atatürk Olympic Stadium landscaping, Beylikdüzü and Avcılar pedestrian overpasses, maintenance and repair, Great Istanbul Bus Station pavement, Göztepe Metro Station, Kağıthane Metro Station Entrance Tretuvar Arrangement, Giyimkent Caddesi-Tem North Side Road Reinforced Concrete Wall and Underpass Arrangement, Yeni Mahalle Metro Station, Karadeniz Mahallesi Metro Station landscaping, Güngören Kale Center transportation traffic regulation, Hasan Tahsin Street pedestrian area arrangement, IETT Garage and Havaist Platform Areas Arrangement , Sunflower Street Concrete Pavement Construction Work, Saltuk Buğrahan Street Concrete Pavement Construction Work, Bağlar Street Concrete Tretuar Construction, Şamlar Caddesi pedestrian area arrangement, Sarıyer Özdereiçi stone wall construction, Beylikdüzü Cemevi will continue its work in the city construction sites where the street pavement is arranged.

Work will also be carried out in the maintenance and repair projects of various children's parks under the Directorate of Parks and Gardens. In this context, a total of 779 ISTON and subcontractor personnel will work. In addition, production will be carried out without any interruption at İSTON Hadımköy and Tuzla factories between 16-19 May.


İSFALT will be on the field with 853 personnel for carrying out asphalt production and asphalt application activities and 260 personnel for disinfection operation.

Studies in this process; It will be held in Maltepe, Ümraniye, Üsküdar, Tuzla, Pendik, Kadıköy, Büyükçekmece, Sarıyer, Bayrampaşa, Beylikdüzü, Bağcılar, Avcılar and Bakırköy districts. In total, 17 tons of asphalt application is planned.


270 vehicles, 270 driver personnel, 270 social workers and 270 assistant personnel will be employed to deliver aid packages to our needy citizens determined by the Social Services Directorate.
Transportation, power plant, cafeteria and disinfectant services will continue on days with curfews so that public services can be carried out without interruption.


Logistics Support Center will continue to work 24 hours a day to ensure that public services are carried out smoothly and that public services can be sustained and sustained. Iftar and Sahur meal needs will be prepared and delivered to 7 fire production personnel and firefighters in 88 fire kitchens.

Logistics Support Center Other services to be continued for four days are as follows;
- 153 White Tables, Cemeteries Department, Municipal Police and all the staff in charge, iftar, and sahur commands will be delivered to their offices.
- Food and beverage needs of our citizens in the homeless camp will continue to be met.
- Iftar, about 10 thousand people will be prepared for the demanded district municipalities.
- Accommodation services will continue to be provided to 32 healthcare professionals at Zeytinburnu Social Facility.
- Food and beverage needs of healthcare professionals staying in hotels will be met.


Alo 153 call center, which provides assistance in all aspects of Istanbul, will work 24 hours a day on the days of curfew. The number of personnel to serve as shifts will be 691.


IMM will organize the 19 May activities in digital environment due to pandemic measures and curfew. Concerts to be shared from the social media accounts of the IMM Culture Department between 16-19 May; Documentary, film and theater screenings and many more events will enable Istanbul residents to enjoy the feast of their homes.


SPOR ISTANBUL will broadcast live broadcast of IBB Spor Istanbul Online Chess Tournament Final Night on @ibbsporistanbul youtube channels and chess tv youtube channel between 18:21 - 00:22 on Monday, May 00. On the live broadcast, chess player youtuber Sabri Can will interpret with moderators Gürcan Engel and Talha Emre Akıncıoğlu. In addition, Sports Istanbul General Manager Renay Onur will attend as a guest.

On Tuesday, May 19, at the opening of Atatürk Kent Orman, the participation of running groups and national athletes will take part in the support of Sports Istanbul, Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Parks and Gardens Directorate for the use of social media influence.
Other services to be provided by İBB affiliates on 16-17-18-19 are as follows:
Istanbul Public Bread:
 It will continue to work at full capacity with 3 factories, 514 buffets and 364 personnel.
 Gürpınar Fisheries Market and Kadıköy Tuesday Market will serve with 50 personnel.

ISBAK AS: The metro signalization, signaling systems, programming, application, installation and operation will continue with 108 personnel throughout the city.
Beltur AS: 40 hospitals will serve with approximately 55 personnel at 400 points.
I İSTTELKO: In order to maintain all communication infrastructure systems without interruption, Data Merkei will continue to work without interruption, with a total of 10 technical experts, 30 in WIFI services, 8 in WIFI services, 6 in IT services and 24 in infrastructure services.
ISTGUVEN AS: During the 4-day curfew, 5 personnel will continue to work in 860 locations.
AGAC AS: Within the scope of green field maintenance and regulations throughout Istanbul, 723 personnel will continue to work with 306 vehicles.
İSPER AS: Hospice, Home Health, Social Services, Police, Outpatient Diagnosis and Treatment, İSKİ, Disabled Services, Funeral Services, Child Activities, Youth and Sports, Public Relations, Directorate of State, Hızır Emergency, İGDAŞ, Family Counseling and Education Center, Operations Directorate Will continue to serve Istanbul and its residents with over 4 thousand personnel working in Women Family Services, Orchestras and Theaters, Rehabilitation of Orphaned Animals.
IMM Cemeteries Department: It will work with approximately one thousand 245 personnel and 350 service vehicles in order to keep the services down.
Istanbul Fire Brigade: It will serve with 849 vehicles and 2 personnel.
IMM Police:  Throughout the four-day curfew, 23 thousand people, 483 vehicles and 220 teams will work in shifts, remotely and alternately. It will provide services in many areas from the control of the workplaces that should remain closed to the meeting of the transportation needs of healthcare professionals.
Hamidiye AS: While production and shipments continue for 4 days, some machines will be produced on May 19. Office workers; unless there is an urgent need, the curfew will not work on those days. 167 dealers will continue to serve for 263 days with 760 vehicles and 4 personnel.

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