Rolls Royce Plans to Lay Off 8 Employees

Rolls Royce Plans to Lay Off 8 Employees

Rolls Royce Plans to Lay off 8 Employees. Rolls Royce is generally known as a company that produces luxury cars. But Rolls Royce, the same zamIt is now a very important brand in the aviation industry. Rolls Royce is one of the most important aircraft engine manufacturers in the aviation industry, and Rolls Royce currently employs 52.000 people.

Many flights around the world have been suspended due to the Corona virus outbreak. Aircraft manufacturers affected by this process had to stop production. Airbus reduced its production by about 3 in 1 and tracked 3200 employees.

Like many companies in the aviation industry, Rolls Royce reported that, like other aircraft manufacturers, he plans to dismiss up to 8.000 employees after reducing production during the coronavirus pandemic. The figure means that about 52.000 percent of the company, which has 15 employees, is unemployed.

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