Rolls Royce Produces Honey For Its Customers

Rolls Royce Honeys

Rolls Royce, the most important luxury car manufacturer in the automobile industry, continues to produce honey on its 42-acre land in the UK. Rolls Royce gives special honeys to its customers instead of selling them.

Rolls Royce has stopped car production for a while due to the corona virus outbreak. But Rolls-Royce continues to produce honey with a giant army of bees, which consists of about 250 thousand bees.

Rolls-Royce produces honey with bees at the facility on a total of 42 acres of land in the Goodwood region of the West Sussex county of England. Bees live in a land of more than 8 decares and produce honey using the plants on the land.

According to the statements made by Rolls-Royce, the Firm never sells the honey it produces, but only presents it to its private customers. In addition, Rolls-Royce, which has been operating six hives since 2017, named these hives as Spirit of Ecstasy besides their models such as Ghost, Wraith, Cullinan, Phantom and Dawn. The stainless steel plate bearing the name of each bucket is produced at the factory with hand workmanship.

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