Tesla Semi Truck Production Date Is Postponed Once Again

Tesla Semi Truck Production Date Is Postponed Once Again

The electric TIR Semi model, introduced in 2017, would enter production in 2019 according to initial planning. However, it was later announced that the production date of the Semi model was postponed by 2020. According to new information, the Corona virus outbreak caused the vehicle's arrival to be delayed once again. Tesla announced that the production of the first electric TIR model Semi was postponed to 2021.

The Tesla Semi Truck model, which has attracted great attention from the day it was first introduced, has pre-ordered many companies such as the Walmart market chain and the UPS cargo company before starting mass production.

With this new development, Tesla remained approximately 2 years behind the program that Semi Truck decided to start mass production.

The Electric TIR Tesla Semi has a load carrying capacity of up to 36 tons and can reach 0-100 km / h with this load in just 20 seconds. It is said to come in 480 different versions that will have a range of 800 kilometers and 2 kilometers. In addition, the vehicle will feature an advanced autopilot system.


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