Online Period in Alfa Romeo and Jeep

online period in alfa romeo and jeep

Alfa Romeo and Jeep started to provide video calling service by prioritizing the health of all dealers and customers during this period when it was important not to leave the house due to the New Type Corona virus (Covid-19) epidemic. Thanks to the system, customers will be able to connect to the representative of the dealer they wish through,, dealer websites or social media channels. In the system, where the models in the showrooms can be viewed live online, all relevant details can be learned instantly.

Alfa Romeo and Jeep dealers in all digital infrastructure established in Turkey began providing services online interview. In this way, customers will be able to connect to the representative of any dealer of their choice via,, dealer websites or social media channels within seconds. In the system where Alfa Romeo and Jeep models in the showrooms can be viewed online, all details about the models can be learned instantly.

All the world and our country, corona virus (Covidien-19) runs its activities in this period it goes from extremely critical days because of the outbreak, customers, and that they continue taking their priority the health of the entire dealer organization Alfa Romeo and Jeep brand director Ozgur fancy this approach, Turkey spanning across 17 Alpha He emphasized that they started the video call service at Romeo and Jeep dealership. Özgür Süslü said, “We are going through a period when brands and institutions should act responsibly for their environment. In these days when people are not forced out of their homes due to the new type Corona virus (Covid-19) epidemic, we also differentiated our way of doing business and increased our activities in the digital environment. With the video call system we commissioned, car lovers can connect to our showrooms from anywhere, in seconds, and have a buying experience without leaving their homes. ”

The shortest difficult process zamStating that he believes that it will be overcome immediately, Özgür Süslü also mentioned that they continue to apply the measures taken at the highest level since the first day in all working areas against the risk of the spread of the Corona virus. Özgür Süslü also said, “The video call system that provides great convenience to car lovers and dealers is the same zamIt is also important in terms of applying the social distance rule and adapting to health measures ”.

source: hibya news agency

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