Number of Companies Applying for Short-Term Work Allowance Exceeds 3 Million

Family, Labor and Social Services Minister Zehra Zümrüt Selçuk made important statements about the Short Work Allowance. Minister Selçuk said, “For our more than 3 million of our insured, nearly 270 thousand companies applied for Short Work Allowance.” said.

Reminding that the payments will take place without waiting for the completion of the eligibility determination to perform the transactions quickly in the Short Work Allowance under the new coronavirus measures, Minister Selçuk stated that they continue to receive the applications electronically.

Minister Selçuk Announces Sectoral and Number of Employees Distribution in Short Term Work Allowance

"There is no sectoral restriction in the Short Work Allowance, our company can apply from any sector," he said in his social media account. Using the expressions, Minister Selçuk shared the distribution of the Short Work Grant by sector and number of employees for the first time. Minister Selçuk made the following evaluations:

“The Sector Applying the Most to Short Work Allowance; Manufacturing with 40 percent ”

“The sector that makes the most applications to the Short Work Allowance; Manufacturing with 40 percent. The second highest application sector; Wholesale and retail trade with 15 percent, the third one; Accommodation and food service activities with 12 percent, the fourth; We see that there is an education sector with 6 percent. ”

“Our Firms With Most Employees, 51.3 Percent and Less Than 3 Employees Applied For Short Term Work Allowance”

When we look at the distribution of our firms according to the number of employees, the first of our firms to which we receive the most applications; The second, with 51.3 percent and fewer than 3 employees; the third, with 28.3 percent, 4-9 employees; Our companies, with 10.8% to 10-19 employees and the fourth with 6.4 to 20-49 employees. Thus, we see that our companies with less than 50 employees make up more than 90% of our companies that make a total application. ”

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