Karsan Starts Works for Autonomous Atak Electric

Karsan Started Works for Autonomous Atak Electric

For more than 50 years of automotive industry in Turkey's Karsan is located in a single location independent multi-brand car manufacturer, also started working for a pioneering initiative, autonomous driving characteristics with public transport. Karsan, who first worked on Atak Electric, will provide Atak Electric with Level-4 Autonomous driving features. Giving information about the subject, Karsan CEO Okan Baş said, “Our agility to adapt the technologies that seem distant is one of our strongest muscles. At Atak Electric, we have started our efforts to fulfill all of the dynamic driving requirements of Level-4 Autonomous, that is, without driver assistance, by an automatic driving system. We will perform the simulation and validation tests of Autonomous Atak Electric, whose prototype we plan to complete in August, at our Hasanağa factory in Bursa. However, by the end of the year, we will bring Autonomous Atak Electric to the ready-to-use level. ”

Karsan took the vision it put forward at Jest Electric and Atak Electric one step further and rolled up its sleeves to produce the future public transportation vehicles. Accordingly, Karsan started autonomous driving activities on Atak Electric in the first place. The project, which will be realized by Karsan's R&D team, aims to provide Atak Electric with Level-4 Autonomous driving features. Within the scope of the project, Karsan, which has works on autonomous vehicles and cooperates with ADASTEC, a Turkish company, plans to complete the first Autonomous Atak Electric vehicle at the prototype level in August. Atak Electric's test and validation studies will continue until the end of the year by integrating Level-4 Autonomous software developed by ADASTEC into the electrical-electronic architecture of Atak Electric and electric vehicle software.

“We are working to move to the future”

The world is affecting the entire New Type Coronavirus (Covidien-19), although outbreaks technology and they continue to do R & D investment, Karsan, CEO stating that they continued to work for Turkey's economy Okan Baş, "In one year, 100 percent electric two public transport to the series We became the first and only Turkish brand to put into production. As Karsan, we continue our efforts to shape the transportation of the future. Electric and autonomous vehicles are a very important subject. It also represents the vision of our brand. While we continue to export Jest Electric and Atak Electric to all over the world, we are also happy to take the first step for autonomous vehicles that we have planned for 2020 and have been working on for a while. ” he spoke.

“Autonomous Atak Electric will be ready at the end of the year”

Stating that the first model with autonomous driving features will be Atak Electric, Karsan CEO Okan Baş said, “At Atak Electric, which was developed by our R&D team and started mass production in September 2019, Level-4 Autonomous, ie dynamic driving requirements without driver assistance. Our work has begun to be made by an automatic driving system. In this direction, we also use special equipment such as radar, lidar, thermal camera, which enables the detection of all living and non-living assets around the vehicle, in order to fulfill automatic driving functions. We will carry out the simulation and validation tests of the autonomous Atak Electric, which we will complete the first prototype in August, at our Hasanağa factory in Bursa. By the end of the year, we will make Otonom Atak Electric ready for use. While continuing our work without slowing down with our pioneering approach in sustainable transportation solutions, we will see the epidemic affecting the whole world as soon as possible. zamI hope that we can overcome them immediately and have healthy days again ”.

Turkey's leading automotive brand Karsan!

Leaving 53 years behind in the Turkish automotive industry, Karsan has been producing in its modern facilities for the world's leading brands, including its own brand, in the commercial vehicle segment since its establishment. Producing commercial vehicles since 1981, Karsan's factory in Bursa Hasanağa has a structure that can produce 18 vehicles per year in a single shift. Hasanağa Factory, designed with the flexibility to produce all kinds of vehicles from passenger cars to heavy trucks, minivans and buses, is 200 km away from Bursa city center and is located on a total area of ​​30 thousand square meters, 91 thousand square meters of which is closed.

For more than 50 years of automotive industry in Turkey's Karsan is located in the only independent multi-brand car manufacturer position, with business partners and licensors in line with the vision of developing derivatives of new and existing products freight and passenger transport is aiming to take place in all segments. Continuing its activities to develop and deliver “innovative products and services”, “from idea to market” in the public transportation segment, Karsan aims to strengthen its Main Manufacturer / OEM business line.

Karsan manages the entire automotive value chain from R&D to production, from marketing to sales and after-sales activities.

Today, Karsan produces new H350 light commercial vehicles for Hyundai Motor Company (HMC), 10-12-18 m buses for Menarinibus and Jest, Atak and Star models under its own brand. In addition, it produces 100 percent electric Jest Electric and Atak Electric models as part of its cooperation with the world giant BMW. In addition to vehicle production, Karsan also provides industrial services in its factory located in the Organized Industrial Zone.

Source: hibya news agency


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