Design Wonders New Hyundai Elantra Introduced

new hyundai elantra
new hyundai elantra

The new hyundai elantra, one of Hyundai's most popular models, appeared before car lovers with its seventh generation. The new car introduced at Hollywood The Lot Studios is the new hyundai elantra with a completely different design and technological features. The sporty design identity of the popular compact sedan is supported by hybrid technology and wireless Android Auto and Apple CarPlay connectivity, a first in its segment. zamIt now offers Hyundai's latest innovations such as the digital key to its users. Production of the Elantra will begin at Ulsan in South Korea and at Hyundai in Alabama in the last quarter of the year.

Hyundai Elantra, which was started to be produced for the first time in 1990, has shown a sales success of 13.8 million units worldwide and has written its name to the automotive industry with golden letters. Elantra, one of the most admired models of Hyundai, has won dozens of awards in America and has achieved more than 3.4 million sales success.

Elantra, which gained a different design language with the new model, offers an exotic four-door coupe image that we are used to seeing in sports cars. Hyundai engineers and designers have created a longer, wider and lower structure in the new model. The car, which is 5.5 cm longer than the previous generation, offers a larger seating area in the interior.

The Parametric Design, created by the combination of three lines at a single point, appears strongly especially in the front section. Wide-stage new type grille and integral headlights make the car appear wider than it is. In addition, thanks to the wind channels in the bumper, the friction coefficient is significantly reduced. In this way, while increasing aerodynamics, the same zamFuel economy is also achieved at the moment. The hard transitions stretching from front to back begin to merge at the front doors again. Longitudinally positioned stop lights at the rear begin to extend towards the body on the right and left sides. The rear design, which has a Z-shaped form when viewed from the side, helps to offer more loading space in the luggage compartment. Same zamThis new design, which offers a coupe atmosphere at the moment, supports its stylish appearance with its glossy black bumper diffuser.

Hyundai Motor Group Vice President and Chief Designer Luc Donckerwolke, regarding the new car; “Like the first generation, the seventh generation Elantra has a bold character. In addition, the aesthetic and unusual lines in Elantra start a different era in automotive design. "In this extraordinary design language that we desire to establish a great bond with its owner, we have included ample space for geometric lines, hard transitions and split body parts."

A more refined and higher quality interior

Along with the exterior design of the new Hyundai Elantra, the interior looks extremely stylish and impressive. In the new generation cockpit that offers a premium air, a lower seating position has been achieved by reducing the seat height. In addition, the driving stability has been improved thanks to the low center of gravity. Two 10,25-inch LED screens are used in the cockpit, which is positioned horizontally. These screens are used in the multimedia system and in the displays.zam it adds a technological feature. In addition, the wireless Android Auto and Apple Car Play features offered in the Elantra also offer combined connectivity with this screen. Elantra's suspension system, which exhibits a different stance in terms of aesthetics, is also oriented towards comfort. Thanks to the improved suspension mounting structure, both dynamism and high-level driving comfort have been achieved.

New Hyundai Elantra Hybrid

For the first time, Hyundai features hybrid engine technology in its Elantra model. Thus, the Elantra Hybrid, which is included in the brand's environmentally friendly model range, gets a four-cylinder petrol engine with a 1.6-liter GDI Atkinson cycle.

In addition to the gasoline engine, the Elantra Hybrid includes an electric motor of 32 kW. Reaching 139 horsepower with the combination of both engines, Elantra promises a more dynamic and more economical drive. Equipped with Hyundai's improved 6-speed dual clutch transmission, this version stands out from its competitors with faster gear shifts. In addition, thanks to the high-efficiency electric motor used, instant torque is obtained at low speeds, thus preventing the gasoline engine from starting. The biggest advantage of this innovation is that it gives the car fuel economy. At higher speeds, a more dynamic and effective ride is achieved with the gasoline engine that is activated.

Hyundai Digital Key

Continuing to support the latest developments in technology, Hyundai offers an optional digital key system in Elantra. The smartphone-based Hyundai Digital Switch allows the doors to be opened and the engine to be started without a physical key. This system, which can be used by downloading a special mobile application, uses Near Field Communication (NFC) and Bluetooth (BLE) technology. This system also allows several people from the same family to use the vehicle at the same time.

When it is necessary to use other than the owner of the vehicle, the traditional key is activated. Hyundai Digital Switch is currently only compatible with phones using the Android operating system.

Highlights of the new Hyundai Elantra

• Seventh-generation compact sedan with a completely new platform

• Longer wheelbase, wider body and lower roofline

• The second Hyundai model with Emotional Sportiness design identity

Exotic four-door coupe view available with innovative design technology

• The first Elantra Hybrid produced in series

• Wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto connectivity technology

• Hyundai Digital Switch technology, which can be paired with a smartphone or NFC card

• Natural voice recognition and voice feature command system with deep understanding technology

• Standard SmartSense security equipment

• Two 10,25 inch multimedia screens used in the cockpit

New Hyundai Elantra Introduction Video:

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