Diesel Sale Is Coming

Diesel Sale
Diesel Sale

Following the Gasoline Discount, this time comes the Diesel discount. The decline in oil prices is reflected in fuel prices. After the third gasoline discount, there is also a discount for diesel prices. Diesel discount, which will be valid from midnight, to pump prices 26 It is expected to be reflected in penny. How much will Istanbul Diesel Prices, Ankara Diesel Prices and Izmir Diesel Prices be after the discount?

How much will the diesel (Diesel) discount be?

Istanbul Diesel Prices will decrease from 5,70 TL to 5,44 TL.

Ankara Diesel Prices will decrease from 5,76 TL to 5,50 TL.

İzmir Diesel Prices will decrease from 5,78 TL to 5,52 TL.

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