Known Mistakes About Vehicle Maintenance

Known mistakes in vehicle maintenance
Known mistakes in vehicle maintenance

Proper vehicle maintenance is important for both driving safety and extending the life of the vehicle. However, some car owners are acting with hearsay information on such an important issue, and this type of information causes larger expenses as well as larger problems in the future. 150 years of history rooted in Turkey's first insurance company Generali Insurance has no title, known as the right of publicity, which could jeopardize the owner of the vehicle, both vehicles "wrong" were announced.

  • Replacing the air filter to save money: Replacing the air filter for savings, which is one of the information that vehicle users know wrong, is a very common misinformation. This information is only valid for carburetor vehicles. Replacing the air filter in injection vehicles increases the performance of the engine, but does not reduce fuel consumption.
  • Washing the vehicle when the engine is hot: One of the most critical mistakes in vehicle maintenance is washing the vehicle while the engine is still warm. In addition, using detergent and soapy water will damage the vehicle. Although every vehicle driver has different opinions about this view, the engine should not be cleaned with detergent and the engine should be expected to cool. Because when the hot engine comes into contact with cold water, it cracks and causes damage.
  • Over-under-inflation or over-inflation of tires: Vehicle users think that over-under-inflation or over-inflation of tires will save fuel consumption. However, the low or high air pressure of the tires not only saves fuel consumption but also significantly affects the driving style of the vehicle as well as the tire itself. For this reason, the booklet of the car must be checked for correct tire pressure or information and assistance must be obtained from the service representative.
  • Keeping pressurized water while cleaning the exhaust: One of the conditions frequently encountered in vehicle maintenance is the wrong cleaning of the exhaust. Exhaust cleaning should be treated very meticulously and support should be taken. While cleaning the exhaust, which performs many different functions from reducing the noise of the engine to the release of toxic gas with the help of the mufflers, it should not be exposed to water directly, and cloth-like items should not be inserted into it. This can push the dirt in the exhaust deep and pierce the exhaust.
  • To think that the vehicle will be cleaned better with a brush: Another mistake of every vehicle owner is to use a brush while washing the vehicle. The idea that the general widespread idea is that the vehicle will be cleaned better with a brush is false information. Using a brush will scratch your vehicle and damage it. While washing the car, sponge or car cleaning products should be used instead of brush.


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