How Lamborghini Urus is Produced

Lamborghini Governance
Lamborghini Governance

Would you like to discover how the Lamborghini Urus model has been produced from Lamborghini's factories in Italy?

Lamborghini Urus comes with 21-inch wheels from the factory and performance tires with size 285/45 ZR21 at the front and 315/40 ZR21 at the rear. The vehicle with a 4,0 liter V8 twin-turbo gasoline engine produces 640 horsepower 850 Nm of torque. The Urus, which has a four-wheel drive system, has carbon ceramic brakes with 10 pistons with 440 pistons at the front and 6 mm disks with 370 pistons at the back to deal with such high power. Lamborghini Urus's acceleration of 0-200 km / h is very fast in the SUV class thanks to its 12.8 seconds speed and 305 km / h final speed.

Here is the production video of Lamborghini Urus:

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