The Branch is Narrow to the Used Car Density in İzmir

The Branch Was Narrow To The Used Vehicle Density In İzmir

TÜV SÜD D-Expert, which provides objective and professional service to its customers with its center in İzmir Gaziemir Akçay Street; Due to the increasing intensity, it moved to a large branch in order to bring its quality service approach to more customers. Speaking at the opening of the new branch, TÜV SÜD D-Expert Deputy General Manager Ozan Ayözger said, `` The intense interest shown by the second-hand vehicle buyers and sellers to our company led us to the idea that we should grow more in Izmir. As the determining and leading company of the sector, our goal of providing the highest level of customer satisfaction with its traceable and sustainable quality approach continues with the same determination. We are pleased to bring together the independent and reliable expertise service we offer to both buyers and sellers at a larger branch in Izmir. ''

With the expertise report, which is mandatory to be issued in the used vehicle trade, the buyers want to learn what the vehicle is and does not have the same zamThey prefer expertise centers where they can perform their transactions quickly without waiting in line.

With the intensity experienced recently, the need for companies that customers can trust is increasing day by day. In companies that provide used vehicle appraisal services without a history and experience in the automobile industry, customers prefer to receive service from corporate companies that have received Service Competence Certificate from TSE due to the high rate of error that consumers may encounter.

Used car trade covers a large part of the sector in terms of both numerical and functional issues. In the new period, which started with the obligation of expertise, the expertise centers continue to be a complementary element of the automotive sector while the investment and branching efforts of the companies continue rapidly.

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