EIA Not Required for Kadıköy Sultanbeyli Metro Decision Issued! Construction Begins

EIA Not Required for Kadıköy Sultanbeyli Metro Decision Issued! Construction Starts; For the 18.4 km-long Kadıköy-Sultanbeyli Metro Line, the project of which was prepared by the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM), an “Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) is not required” decision was issued and the countdown for construction started.

spokesmanAccording to the news of Özlem Güvemli from; “An important decision has been made for the new metro line with 2 stations passing through the districts of Kadıköy, Ataşehir, Sancaktepe and Sultanbeyli, whose project works were initiated 7 years ago by the IMM Rail System Projects Directorate. The Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) application made by IMM to the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization in September was finalized. The “EIA is not required” decision was made for the metro line on 29 November 2019 and the first step was taken to start the construction work. According to the information in the project introduction file prepared for the metro line, the 18.4 km long Kadıköy-Sultanbeyli Rail System Line will be an express line on the east-west axis of Istanbul's Anatolian side.

Kadikoy Sultanbeyli metro line
Kadikoy Sultanbeyli metro line

At the project stage, we are physically merging with the cÄcir-SöğütlüÃçeşme Metro and Altunizade sta ° station and KazatÄÄÃeŸŸ--öğüöğüöğüöğüöğü eöğü Met Met Met Es Es Es Es Es Es Es Es Es Es Es Es it will offer access to its collar. It will be integrated with Göztepe-ranmraniye, Dudullu- Bostanc‡ ± and ‡ baköy- Sultanbeyli Metro lines, whose construction works are still ongoing. The new line is planned to connect with the Anatolian Station of the Istanbul-Adapazar Fast Train Line, which will be built in the Samandra region.


The construction of the line, whose investment cost is determined as 4 billion 653 million 264 thousand TL, is planned to be completed in 4 years. The line consists of 7 stations: Esatpaşa, Financial Center, Ataşehir, Türk-İş Blokları, Ferhatpaşa, Samandıra and Veysel Karani. The number of vehicles required in the initial investment phase for the Kadıköy-Sultanbeyli Rail System Line was planned as 144, including spares.


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