Isuzu Novociti Life on Şanlıurfa Roads

isuzu novociti life on sanliurfa roads
isuzu novociti life on sanliurfa roads

Developed by Turkish engineers in the R & D center of Anadolu Isuzu, Isuzu Novociti Life set out to facilitate the lives of the people of Şanlıurfa. 23 units of Novo Citi Life AT and 4 units of Novo Lux 7 were delivered to BELSAN A.Ş., a subsidiary of Şanlıurfa Municipality, during the ceremony held on December 2019.

Produced in Turkey and exported to many countries in the world Isuzu Novocit Life, he began to serve in Sanliurfa road. Anadolu Isuzu delivered 23 Novo Citi Life AT and 4 Novo Lux vehicles to BELSAN A.Ş., a subsidiary of Şanlıurfa Municipality, at the ceremony held on 7 December 2019. Mayor of Şanlıurfa Metropolitan Municipality Zeynel Abidin Beyazgül, AK Party Provincial Chairman Bahattin Yıldız, Karaköprü Mayor Metin Baydilli, Haliliye Mayor Mehmet Canpolat, Metropolitan Municipality Secretary General Mahmut Kırıkçı, Anatolian Isuzu Sales Director Yusuf Teoman, Anatolian Isuzu Şanlıurfa Authorized Dealer Dicle FZA İbrahim Dicle and BELSAN A.Ş. General Manager Levent Çelik participated.

Isuzu Novo Citi is the most economical of Life's class, most comfortable, stressed that the safest and performance, indicating that the highest vehicle Anadolu Isuzu Sales Director Yusuf Teoman Turkey in Turkey that Novocit developed by engineers Life, also facilitate the transportation of elderly and disabled citizens. Teoman continued: “Our 23 Novo Citi Life AT and 4 Novo Lux vehicles started on the roads of Şanlıurfa to make the lives of Şanlıurfa easier. We are delighted that our modern public transport vehicles will carry the people of this beautiful city for many years. U

Novociti Life: Intelligent design with human focus

Isuzu Novociti Life has come to light as a solution for changing market needs with its low base. Novociti Life, which targets narrow street cities with ideal bus concept instead of big bus, also supports the participation of disabled and elderly population in social life with its low-floor structure.

The 9,5 m. length with the Citibus model 7,5 m. length of the Novociti model 8 m. Novociti Life, which forms a new segment with its length, maintains its bus appearance with its ideal dimensions. The FPT NEF4 engine, positioned in the rear in accordance with the low-floor design of Novociti Life, provides 186 horsepower and 680 Nm torque while ensuring quietness. The engine technology, which can meet Euro 6C emission norms without the need of EGR (exhaust gas recirculation) system of FPT, provides high energy efficiency and low fuel consumption while also meeting the standards demanded abroad. Novociti Life is offered both in Turkey and abroad with ZF manual and Allison automatic transmission options.

The large interior volume Novociti Life, with a total passenger capacity of 60, allows passengers in wheelchairs to easily use the side windows with a special passenger glass design, which ensures effective use of daylight in the vehicle. In this way, wheelchair passengers can easily observe the outdoor area, enjoy the human-oriented intelligent design of Novociti Life.

Fast service

Isuzu Novociti Life has been carefully designed to provide both the comfort of the passengers and the service of the vehicle in minimum time. Novociti Life, which has been taken to the rear of the engine compartment, has thus reached its low-floor platform. The rear of the engine and chassis makes maintenance and repair of the transmission and engine easier when necessary, and the cover design on the rear of the vehicle increases daily serviceability. Novociti Life's engine compartment provides access to the engine compartment on three sides, making maintenance easier and shorter response time.

Anadolu adds strength to the power of Isuzu

Isuzu Novociti Life received a total of 3 awards in one year. Turquality scope held at the end of 2017 and Turkey's most prestigious design organization Design Turkey in the competition "Good Design Award '' is owner of the Isuzu Novocit Life, the award for the first overseas in April 2018 a'design Award & the Competition" Golden a'design Awarded ”. Isuzu Novociti Life, which received its last award in the "New Model Bus" category at the Transexpo Fair held in Kielce, Poland, takes Anadolu Isuzu, which is the leader in the midibus segment in public transportation, to a much stronger position.

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