Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Will Make 420 Personnel Recruitment

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality 12 December 2019 has announced that it will recruit 44 personnel from different branches in total, with and without KPSS. According to the announcement published by the IMM Presidency through the official website of the State Personnel Presidency, IMM will recruit personnel to the following cadres with the base score of KPSS 420, 60 and 80 without the condition of KPSS. IMM personnel recruitment applications will be made between 90-13 December 17.

The official announcement published as follows;

To be employed under the 5393 article of the Municipal Law 49 numbered within the body of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality; Contracted personnel shall be recruited by means of open assignment to the vacant positions specified below, provided that they bear the position, number, qualifications and other conditions.


10 Lawyer Law; graduate

4 Social Worker; Graduation from one of the Social Work, Social Work or Social Studies undergraduate programs

2 Psychologist; Having graduated from the Psychology degree program

2 Physiotherapist Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation, Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation

28 Nurse; Graduating from Nursing or Nursing and Health Services, Health Officer undergraduate program

3 Midwife; Graduation from midwifery undergraduate program

2 Child Development; Graduation from Child Development or Child Health and Development undergraduate programs

50 Engineer; Graduated from Civil Engineering undergraduate program YDS - English Minimum score of 60

2 Engineer; Graduates of Environmental Engineering undergraduate program YDS - English Minimum score of 60

9 Engineer; Graduates from one of the undergraduate programs in Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Electrical-Electronic Engineering or Electrical Engineering YDS - English Minimum 60 score

3 Engineer; Graduation from one of the undergraduate programs in Mechanical Engineering / Mechanical Engineering or Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering YDS - English Minimum 60 score

20 Engineer; Graduates of Geodesy and Photogrammetry Engineering, Geodesy and Cartography, Surveying Engineering or Geomatic Engineering undergraduate program YDS - English Minimum score of 60

6 Engineer; Graduated from Industrial Engineering, Industrial Systems Engineering or Industrial and Systems Engineering undergraduate program YDS - English Minimum score of 60

6 Engineer; Graduate degree in Business Engineering YDS - English Minimum score of 60

20 City Planner; Graduated from City and Regional Planning undergraduate program YDS - English Minimum score of 60

20 Architect; Bachelor of Architecture degree in YDS - English Minimum score of 60

4 Landscape Architect; Graduating from one of the undergraduate programs in Landscape Architecture, Landscape Architecture and Urban Design, Urban Design and Landscape Architecture, Urban Design and Landscape Architecture, Landscape Architecture and Urban Design YDS - English Minimum score of 60

4 Mathematician; Mathematics, Mathematics - Computer, Mathematics and Computer, Mathematics and Informatics, Mathematics-Informatics, Mathematics Computer Programming, Applied Mathematics and Computing, Applied Mathematics, Mathematics and Computer Science undergraduate programs YDS - English Minimum 60 points

4 Statistician; Statistics Bachelor's degree, graduates YDS, - English score at least 60

18 Economist; Graduates from one of the Bachelor's programs in Economics, Economics, Business Administration and Economics YDS - English Minimum score of 60

2 Translator; YDS - English Minimum score of 90

2 Archaeologist; Archeology, Archeology and Art History, Classical Archeology, Prehistory, Protohistory and Pre-Asian Archeology, Protohistory and Pre-Asian Archeology, Prehistoric Archeology, Prehistoric Archeology

3 Art Historian; Graduated from Art History undergraduate program

4 Programmer; Computer Programming, Computer Programming (Internet), Computer Programming, Computer Technology and Programming, Web Technologies and Programming

15 Technician; Construction, Construction Technician, Construction Technology to graduate from one of the associate degree programs

12 Technician; Machinery, Work Machinery, Machine Oils and Lubrication Technology, Computer Aided Machinery, Thermal Power Plant Machinery to graduate from one of the associate degree programs

10 Technician; Graduation from one of the associate degree programs of Map, Map Cadastre, Map and Mine Surveying, Map Technician, Map and Cadastre

13 Technicians; Secondary Education Institutions Map - Land Registry - Cadastre Area and Branches or Construction Technology Area - Graduation from Map and Cadastre Branch

12 Technician; Graduating from the field of Mechanical Technology and Branches of Secondary Education Institutions

Instructor 35 Information Technologies,

Trainer 12 German, 1 Chinese, 1 Farsi, 3 French, 25 English, 1 Spanish, 1 Italian, 1 Japanese, 1 Korean, 2 Russian YDS - Russian Minimum 80 score

Instructor 2 Kurdish Language and Literature graduate program

Instructor 10 Graphics, 11 Accounting and Finance, 24 Music


The general and special conditions to be followed in applications for vacant positions of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality are as follows.


Applicants to be appointed to the positions announced shall have the following general conditions stated in paragraph (A) of the first paragraph of Article 657 of the Civil Servants Law No. 48.

a. To be a Turkish citizen,
b. Not to be deprived of public rights,

c. Even if the periods specified in Article 53 of the Turkish Penal Code have passed; offenses against the security of the state even if he has been sentenced to one year or more for a crime committed intentionally or amnesty, crimes against the constitutional order and its functioning, embezzlement, corruption, bribery, theft, fraud, fraud, misconduct not to be convicted of bankruptcy, mischief in tender, mischief in performance of the act, money laundering or smuggling,

d. For male candidates in terms of military service; have no involvement in military service or have not reached the military age, or, if it has reached the military age, have served as active military service or have been deferred or transferred to the reserve class,

D. Not having mental illness or physical disability that may prevent him / her from performing his / her duties continuously, e. Carrying out other application requirements for announced positions


a. Not to have been removed from the public institutions and organizations where he worked before due to undisciplined or moral reasons,

b. The original copy of the diploma of the applicants, graduate students (if any) and a photocopy of them for approval by our Institution (1)

c. They have not reached the age of 30 on the date of the examination (20 / 12 / 1989 and later born), ç. Applicants who apply for a lawyer position will be required to have “Attorney's License”. Original copy of attorney's license and photocopy for approval by our Institution (1)

D. For the instructor position, işlem Assignment Based Field ”and” Teaching Areas, Assignment and Teaching Principles hazırlanan prepared by the Ministry of National Education Board of Education will be carried out.

to. For the trainer position (to graduate from the Kurdish Language and Literature program), it is necessary to successfully complete the Secondary Education Field Teaching Program without a thesis or Pedagogical Formation Program / Pedagogical Formation Education Certificate Program which is opened in cooperation with the Ministry of National Education and the Council of Higher Education.

f. For the positions announced, if the education sought is completed abroad; For secondary education institutions, the procedure shall be carried out according to the equivalence certificates issued by the Ministry of National Education and Higher Education Council for higher education.

g. Foreign Language requirement in positions sought, 6114 Act 7. of 6. Parallel to the Foreign Language Exams Directive prepared by the Directorate of Assessment, Selection and Placement Center, the legislation will be taken into consideration during the validity period of the exams.


Candidates who want to take the exam between 13/12/2019 - 17/12/2019 They will add the following documents to the application form, which they will fill in and electronically, via the address.

Original identity card and photocopy for approval by our Institution (1 number)

Original copy of the graduation certificate (if not a graduation note) and photocopy for approval by our Institution (1 number)

Internet printout of YDS results document (for foreign language positions) (1 units)

If there is no YDS, original copy of the exam result document and photocopy for approval by our Institution (1)

Biometric photo (one to be affixed to the application form) (2 pieces)


Candidates between 13/12/2019 - 17/12/2019, They will complete the application process by personally applying to the address of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Human Resources Branch, Kemalpaşa Mahallesi Şehzadebaşı Caddesi No: 5 34134 Municipality Palace (, together with the application form and documents they have filled in electronically via their address. Applications made by mail and e-mail will not be considered.


5 (five) times the number of vacant positions (2100 people in total) will be invited to the exam, starting from the candidate who has the highest graduation grade, after the ranking to be made according to the graduation grade regarding the position, among the candidates who meet the requirements for taking the exam. Other candidates who have the same graduation grade as the last candidate to be called for the exam will also be invited to the exam. List of candidates who are eligible to take the exam on 19/12/2019 The candidates will be able to access the exam entry documents via this address. Candidates must be present at the exam place on the date and time written in the exam entry document they receive from the system. 6.


The oral examination for contracted personnel positions will be held at the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Human Resources Branch located at the address of 20 / 12 / 2019 - 26 / 12 / 2019 in Kemalpasa Mahallesi 15 July Martyrs Street No: 5 34134 City Hall Sarachane Fatih Istanbul. Since the other stages of the recruitment process depend on the exam and its results, no excuse will not be accepted for not taking the exam.

Candidates who do not participate in the exam even though they are entitled to take the exam will be deemed to have lost their exam right. The exam will be done orally to measure the knowledge and skills of the candidates.

Oral examination;

a) The Constitution of Turkey,

b) Atatürk's Principles and History of Turkish Revolution,

c) Basic legislation on local administrations (Law No. 5393, Law No. 5216, Law No. 5302, Law No. 5355, Law No. 442)

ç) Regulation on the Principles of Ethical Conduct of Public Officials and Procedures and Principles of Application;

d) Measurement of professional and practical knowledge and skills related to the position.


Oral examination; 15'er points on the above-mentioned subjects, and 40 points in total, including 100 points for measuring professional and practical knowledge and skills related to the position.

In order to be successful in the exam, a minimum score of 100 must be obtained over the full 60 score. Candidates' achievement score based on the assignment is determined as the exam score to be calculated according to the above explanation; If there is a foreign language exam requirement, it is determined by taking the arithmetic average of the exam score and YDS score.

If the achievement scores of the candidates are the same, the highest graduation grade for the position is given priority.

Having a score of 60 or above in the exam will not constitute an acquis right for candidates who cannot enter this ranking. You can reach the exam results on the success list of our institution's general web page ( within three days of its announcement, an objection can be made to the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Human Resources Branch Office (15nd Floor, room no. 5) located at Kemalpaşa Mahallesi 34134 July Şehitleri Caddesi No: 2 216 City Hall Saraçhane Fatih Istanbul. The objections will be finalized within three days by the examination board ( and the relevant person will be informed in writing. Exam Board; has the right to take some or none of the ones announced in the exam announcement if they find the achievement points low or not sufficient from the positions announced for the recruitment at the end of the exam.


The place of duty of the personnel to be appointed in our institution will be determined according to the service need in all districts of Istanbul (all districts).


For the documents to be requested from the applicants who have passed the exam, please visit the web page of our institution ( also be published. All proceedings of those who are found to have made false or inaccurate statements during or after the application phase will be canceled and a criminal complaint will be filed with the Chief Public Prosecutor's Office in order to apply the provisions of the Turkish Penal Code.

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