Local Car Joy in Bursa

domestic joy of living in Bursa
domestic joy of living in Bursa

Bursa Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BCCI) Chairman Ibrahim Burkay, Turkey's 60 years of happiness will be held in Bursa domestic automobile dream and said they experienced the excitement.

President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, Turkey's signature of the decision issued by the address of the domestic electric car production was Bursa plant. Stating that the decision taken in the nature of the New Year's gospel for the Bursa business world, Mayor Burkay said that the city will fulfill this historical responsibility with its production capability, trained human resources and logistics facilities. Ibrahim Burkay, "Bursa, adapting advanced manufacturing infrastructure and advanced technology in the industry to our national automobile production in Turkey will feel most strongly. Bursa, the city where the first Turkish automobile factory was established, carries the happiness and excitement of turning our country's dream of producing national automobile into reality with its knowledge, experience and strong potential. ”


Stating that they are one of the first organizations to announce their support for domestic automobile production and that they work in cooperation with the Presidency Investment Office and the Ministry of Industry and Technology in order to bring the investment to Bursa, İbrahim Burkay, Chairman of BTSO, said, Our efforts on behalf of our company created a strong infrastructure for our domestic automobile project. Clustering works for our companies, BTSO MESYEB and BUTGEM, together with our centers that produce solutions for the human resource needs of our sectors, projects such as Model Factory, TEKNOSAB and SME OSB will form the success of our national automobile move. Small and midsize we plan for our company will be SME OSB and Turkey's new industrial revolution to the transition of the symbols, the domestic automobile production with TEKNOSAB done in Bursa transition to a new economic model of our Turkey three main pillars. "He said.


BTSO Chairman Burkay said, Bursa Bursa, where the heart of the automotive sector has begun with its half-century production experience, will continue to be in the automotive industry centers of the next 50 years with the ecosystem to be strengthened by the domestic automobile. Thanks to our export performance will put up with this potential will emerge Bursamız's pioneering role in the development of Turkey's economy will be further strengthened. "he said.

again would the leadership of Bursa to new technology in the new economy that emphasizes Ibrahim Burkay, "due to be launched from Bursa, the journey pride of our country, Mr. our President, government and our Turkey's Car of my city initiative in our group and I express our gratitude on behalf of our business. I hope the decision will be beneficial to our city and our country. ”

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