250 Thousand TL Swarovski Stone Coated Car at FESPA Eurasia

thousand tl swarovski draft covered cars fespa eurasiada
thousand tl swarovski draft covered cars fespa eurasiada

FESPA Eurasia, the leading printing fair of the Eurasia Region, which was eagerly awaited, opened its doors to visitors with the participation of more than 500 brands. 8 FESPA Eurasia will bring the industry's leading players to the 10 with more than a thousand visitors at the Istanbul Expo Center (IFC) until December. In the FESPA Eurasia, which also held an automobile coating competition, 1.5 million cars with swarovski stones were covered for 1 thousand TL.

FESPA Eurasia 2019, the biggest fair of Eurasia, where all the innovations of the industrial advertising and digital printing world are exhibited together, opened its doors to visitors. 9 and 10 are the excitement of the sector. 8 in the halls 10 will break a record by hosting more than a thousand visitors by December evening. Turkey's industry leaders and global brand consists of more than 500 brands, new technology and the newest applications will exhibit at FESPA Eurasia.

A world first: 1 million swarovski stone-covered cars

FESPA Eurasia 2019 organizes special surprise events for exhibitors and visitors. The World Wrap Masters car coating competition, which has become traditional, rewards the best practitioners. Print Make Wear (PMW) live textile workshop trains participants with informative content. GMG Garage, which stands out with its first coating applications in the world, unveils its first vehicle in the world. 3, the construction of the 1-month-long automobile with a million-paved swarovski stone, attracts great attention at the fair. The total cost of covering the vehicle covered with 8 kilometer-long stone reaches 250 thousand TL. With the coating applied to the 750 thousand TL car, the total cost is equal to 1 million TL.

The opening of FESPA Eurasia 2019 was held at a ceremony with the participation of FESPA President Christian Duyckaerts, FESPA UK and FESPA Eurasia board and Outdoor Advertising Association (ARED) board. Speaking at the opening, FESPA President Christian Duyckaerts said, olarak As FESPA, we represent nearly one thousand 60 printing specialists in the world. With FESPA Eurasia, we aim to bring local participants together with international customers and contribute to the creation of new business opportunities. ”

ARED President Ahmet Özdemirel stated that the fair which reached 100 occupancy is the most important activity of the sector and said: ız We will complete this year with a record participation of 10 thousand people. Participants will have the opportunity to make the best investment decision by discovering the latest innovations in the industry. Local exhibitors will have a productive fair with the opportunity to open to regional countries and reach international customers. Our primary goal will be to revive the domestic market and increase the export volume of the sector. ”

Who is?

FESPA Eurasia, 7. will reach a record number of visitors. Mimaki Eurasia, Lidya Group, SDS, Mat Paper, Promakim, Optimum Digital Planet, Pimms Group, Folpa, Karya Textile, Effe Machine, Istanbul Advertising, Brother, Dupont, ROK Machine, Industry leaders such as OKI, Zenit LED and Fujifilm present their latest products and services. During the 100 year, the exhibition also hosts many eagerly awaited launches.

1.5 billion dollar move

Betül Binici, FESPA Eurasia Fair Manager, emphasized that the fair, which the industrial advertising and printing world is eagerly waiting for, will increase the exports while stimulating the domestic market. Binici said that the fair, which is the biggest meeting of Eurasia Region, will add 1.5 billion dollars to the sector: F We bring our exhibitors together with the printing specialists in Eurasia, which is the most important fair of our region. By providing export-oriented strategies, we support the opening of domestic participants abroad. This year we will determine the trends in the sector. 2000 from the Eurasian region will make more purchases from Turkey international visitors. 4 will bring together the best brands of the sector and buyers in Istanbul and add movement to the whole Eurasia region günde.

Export is invested

Within the scope of FESPA Eurasia, free e-export seminars are organized to encourage the participants to export. 6-7 During the seminars held in cooperation with Outdoor Advertising Association (ARED) and Worldef in December, important names of the sector; Strategic Management in e-exports, e-commerce infrastructure, government incentives, cross-border market report, etc.

Who is visiting?

FESPA Eurasia is a professional exhibition in the Eurasia region, including large format printing specialists, silk screen printing specialists, industrial advertisers, outdoor advertisers, advertising agencies, vehicle coating specialists, brand representatives, marketing specialists, graphic designers, interior designers, designers, garment manufacturers. is followed with interest.

7.5 billion dollar economy

With the slogan 'Discover Your Potential' used this year, FESPA Eurasia is the right choice for the print and industrial advertising community. zamto discover real business potential by developing skills to make the right decisions at the moment, follow trends and catch up with the times; It aims to pave the way for it to create new jobs in new fields. The goal of FESPA Eurasia in the printing industry, which has a size of $ 2017 billion according to 7.5 figures, is to further expand the business volume of the printing industry by increasing the demand for printed jobs.

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