Native Automobile Native Multimedia System

domestic car domestic multimedia system
domestic car domestic multimedia system

DAIICHI Electronics General Manager Omer Tunc Akdeniz, with the Turkish capital 100 percent of the company established, the domestic automotive technological infrastructure, electronic systems and dashboards to produce the largest candidate, he said.

Established in 2002 with% 100 Turkish capital, DAIICHI Elektronik develops in-car multimedia systems, loudspeakers and reversing cameras in order to increase the comfort of the driver and passengers, driving safety and provide them with a more enjoyable journey.

Turkey, China, Italy, India, 6 different countries in business development representatives, including Brazil and Uzbekistan, production facilities and R & D center located DAIICHI Electronics, technological products developed by Turkish engineers offers the service of car manufacturers around the world.

General Manager of the company Omer Mediterranean, vehicle specifying OEM multimedia and navigation systems field with a global brand with successful projects they have received and from competing are proud to announce the name of Turkey, the technological infrastructure of the domestic automakers, the biggest candidate to develop electronic systems and instrument panels that told.

Ömer Akdeniz stated that they have produced OEM navigation and audio-visual systems for many global car factories in the world and that they are proud to be the only Turkish R & D Center and product developer in this field.

R & D activities in Bursa take place in world markets

During his cooperation with reputable brands on a world scale, representing Turkey in the whole world, DAIICHI Electronics, FC in the automotive industry, Tofas, Ford, Hyundai, GM, Suzuki, Temsa, Karsan, BMC, Mitsubishi, Volkswagen, Lancia, as big as Mahindra has collaborations with global players.

Stating that all kinds of ideas are given importance at DAIICHI in order to keep the innovation culture and environment alive and continuously improve, Ömer Akdeniz, AutoSpice compatible hardware and software will bring the best solution to the customer demands and market needs at the DAIICHI R & D Center located in Uludağ University ULUTEK Technology Development Zone. said they developed.

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