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Karting Wind Will Blow in İzmir

The 2019 Turkish Karting Championship continues with the 12th Leg races, which will be held on 13-6 October by the Turkish Automobile Sports Federation (TOSFED) at the İzmir Ülkü Park track. New to the championship as a new track [...]

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'Super Enduro' Excitement at Kartepe

With the cooperation of Kartepe Municipality, Turkish Motorcycle Federation and Kartepe Motorcycle Sports Club, Turkey Super Enduro Cross Championship 3rd leg Kartepe races will be held on 12-13 October 2019 in Maşukiye. Kartepe Municipality, Turkey Motorcycle [...]


Result of the tender for Konya Metro

The tender for the first phase of the Konya metro was held in Ankara on Wednesday, October 2, 2019, in the form of the highest amount of "invitation" method in Turkey to date, without being announced. Infrastructure affiliated to the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure [...]