2 with VavaCars. Safe, Transparent and Fast Period Started in Hand Car Sales

2 hand tool sales with vavacars have started safe, transparent and fast period
2 hand tool sales with vavacars have started safe, transparent and fast period

vavacars entering the second-hand vehicle market in Turkey, aims to fundamentally change the habits of buying and selling in this market. Thanks to the strong cooperation established with Petrol Ofisi, technological infrastructure and innovative business model, customers are provided with competitive prices, a transparent process and a speed that is unmatched in the sector. Buying process started with an online model and Purchasing Centers through VAV vavacars, then Turkey in the coming period are also plans for operations in other countries.

Turkey and with the goal of becoming the world's most reliable auto trading service, oil Ofisi'yl brothers founded as a company vavacars, everyone's confidence, his wife could buy a fast and transparent manner in the car like no other, creating a service model, ambitious second-hand car market made an entry.

Expert value of the vehicle is reflected in the 3 hour

The company aims to bring a new breath to the market by purchasing vehicles from users with a completely transparent process, competitive prices and a safe shopping experience. The first step to selling vehicles with VavaCars is the company's website http://www.vava.cars By visiting, find out the initial estimated value of your car with a few questions. If you find this price reasonable, you can go to the nearest VavaCars Purchase Center and learn the exact value of your car by experts.

Everything is designed to be transparent in VavaCars Purchasing Center with the comfort of a five-star hotel and modern lines. As customers sip their tea, the tool behind the transparent wall can follow the evaluation process transparently. After this transparent price setting process and the necessary notary procedures, if customers approve the offer, approximately 3 is reflected in the quoted price account at the end of the hour.

“Istanbul is the gateway not only to the East but to the whole world…”

Speaking at a press conference held in Turkey vavacars to transfer their operations and objectives of Turkey vavacars CEO Lawrence Merritt, he said:

"I can proudly say that our first stop Turkey-opening to global markets. Although a starting point for literally global scale offers a solution no matter vavacars Turkey. We think that Istanbul is the gateway not only to the East but to the whole world. Turkey, a large country with a young population and vibrant, with an exciting market. It is also invaluable for us to start operations with Petrol Ofisi as sister companies. ”

Lawrence Merrit also underlined the innovations they will bring to the sector: “As we all know, there are some difficulties in second-hand vehicle sales in terms of safety, transparency and convenience. Can I trust the person who wants to buy my car? Will he put my money into account? How long will my car be sold? These questions are common questions that turn to the mind of everyone who decides to sell their vehicle. In this process, people have to contact and discuss with many people, as well as having a considerable waste of time with tiring processes such as showing vehicles, expressing, bargaining before the sales process. As VavaCars, we offer a brand new second hand vehicle sales model that surpasses all these handicaps and we define this model as “C2B2B”. Our model makes the same promise to both our customers and our dealers: there is no need to wait for a long time anymore, there is no need to deal with different buyers or appraisers, and to deal with those who try to lower the price with unnecessary bargains. Because we are at the point where we have brought great solutions at all points that can make vehicle sales processes challenging. ”

Have a Car Buying Center at 5 point in Istanbul

Noting that a person who comes to the Vavacars Buying Center to sell their car can see the price presented to their vehicle after a transparent process of approximately 3 hours, Merritt said, “Moreover, as part of a global group of companies focused on the energy sector, Merritt said,“ with the assurance. Accordingly, we operate in the purchasing centers we set up at selected Petrol Ofisi stations. Maltepe, Maslak, Küçükçekmece and Alt Libadi have been added to our purchasing centers, the first of which we opened in Libadiye in May, and we currently have 50 centers in Istanbul. Too short from our establishment yet zam"Despite the passage of the moment, the increasing demand for VavaCars Purchasing Centers shows us that we are moving towards these goals in the strongest way."

3 from VavaCars is a simple and safe step…

Free Valuation: Thanks to the technological infrastructure established by Vava Cars, users who want to sell their vehicle can get a free valuation by entering their car's information firstly at vavacars.com.tr.

Free appraisal: Users who approve the average value given come to one of the VavaCars vehicle purchase points and subject their vehicles to a transparent appraisal process.

Payment within three hours: After the appraisal, the vehicle is offered a final valuation fee. Users who accept the price offered to their car, together with Vava Cars officials are going through a transparent sales process. In about 3 hours, the process is completed and the quotation is deposited into the bank account of the seller.

All vehicles within the criteria are purchased

VavaCars has certain criteria for vehicle purchases. The first criterion is age and mileage. Accordingly, the vehicles in question, older than the 2011 model, should not have more than 130.000'den kilometers. As for value, vehicles are evaluated in 30.000-300.000 TL band.

2 in numbers. Hand Car Market Data

According to a recent survey by Mordor Intelligence, 2018 to 2024 is expected to grow by 12.8 in the world of used vehicles in the world.

Enlarge 2018 5% in the second hand car market in Turkey.

The August 2019 figures announced by the Automotive Distributors Association are striking. 2. The hand car market has grown 18% over the past month.

Zero car sales have shrunk around 2017 by about 60, while 2. The hand car market grew by 5,15%.

2018 9,05 units for every zero car sold in 2. While hand cars are sold, this rate in 2019 rose to 15,07 units.

2 sold per zero cars. While the number of used cars increased from 3,98 to 7,42 in Istanbul, 11,80 increased from 17,24 to Ankara.

2 in Turkey. Istanbul has a share of 45 in the hand car market.

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