Saygınlar İnşaat has preferred Ford Trucks for Rize-Artvin Airport Construction

sayginlar construction rize artvin used for airport construction
sayginlar construction rize artvin used for airport construction

Saygınlar Construction has completed many domestic and international projects since 1998; expanded its vehicle range with 40 Ford Trucks 4142XD construction trucks. 18 was presented a plaque of appreciation to the officials of Saygınlar Construction Company by Ford Trucks at the vehicle delivery ceremony held on Friday in October. The ceremony Reputable Construction Company Partner Tuncay Ayhan attending, Ford Trucks Turkey Director Burak Hoşgören and Ford Trucks Turkey Sales Manager Murat network with Ford Trucks Bashar President of Auto Board of Directors Veysel Baser and Ford Trucks Bashar Auto General Manager Omar Faruk Bashar were present.

Excavation filler, private residential construction, road bridges and intersections construction, infrastructure, recreation areas, landscaping and landscaping, extensive superstructure and maintenance activities to the ongoing respected in Construction, will build Ford Trucks vehicles to Turkey's sea fillings 2. plans to use it at the airport Rize-Artvin Airport. In addition, the total number of heavy commercial vehicles in the company's fleet is 150, all consisting of Ford Trucks vehicles.

Ford Trucks Construction Series designed for the heaviest job site conditions

At the heart of the Ford Trucks Construction Series, the Ecotorq engine brings comfort to the driver with superior traction on ramps and rough roads. The Ford Trucks construction series 420PS delivers high performance in the most demanding construction conditions with its power and torque reaching 2150Nm. 400 keeps the power under constant control with 600 KW engine brake while climbing the slopes with high torque especially in steep slope conditions of construction sites encountered in the use of pickling. For even more demanding conditions, the optional 1000KW Intarder option provides a total braking capability of 22 KW, allowing the heaviest loads to travel safely on steep ramps and slopes. The automatic transmission option in the Ford Trucks construction line features class-leading features in series and efficiency, which are optimally designed for heavy job site environments. Offered to drivers; Off-road, Rocking (Economy) and Economy modes provide the driver to move smoothly under all conditions. With the 2250 rotation angle improvement, the number of maneuvers to be performed under narrow construction site conditions is significantly reduced; narrow construction sites are transformed into a playground where drivers can perform all sorts of maneuvering. With the intelligent maintenance technology and maintenance intervals up to XNUMX hours, the Ford Trucks construction series provides significant improvements in customer costs and offers great economic advantages.

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