The Future of Rubber Industry was Discussed at IKMIB Workshop

The future of the rubber sector was discussed in the ikmib calistay
The future of the rubber sector was discussed in the ikmib calistay

The 4th sektör Rubber Industry Workshop ”organized by the Istanbul Chemicals and Chemical Products Exporters' Association (İKMİB) for its sub-sectors was held in Antalya on October 25. The meeting of the representatives of the rubber industry, the future of the sector was discussed.

The two-day “Rubber Industry Workshop ğinde held in Antalya hosted by İKMİB evaluated opportunities and threats to the sector. Sociologist and Strategist Uğur Ersoy moderated the workshop, the future of the sector was examined. SWOT analyzes were conducted for the development of the sector with the groups formed. On the first day of the workshop, the internal management and financing models of the companies and on the second day global policies and public legislation were discussed. The national and global developments in the sector were handled and the future vision strategy was determined.

The “Rubber Industry Workshop getiren, which brings together the representatives of the sector, includes the representatives of İKMİB Chairman Adil Pelister, İKMİB Vice Chairman Özcan Doğu Kaya and İKMİB, as well as export companies operating in the rubber sector, relevant ministry officials and representatives, academicians from various universities and 65 people participated, including participants from sectoral NGOs.

“We need petrochemical industry investments”

Speaking at the opening of the workshop, İKMİB Board Chairman Adil Pelister said, “The industrialization in the rubber industry in our country, which started in the 1950s, has brought us to the top positions in Europe and the world today. I think that our rubber industry will gain great importance in our efforts to manufacture our own cars and aircraft. The biggest problem in the industry is foreign dependency in terms of raw materials, which we also encounter in other chemistry sub-sectors. For this every zamTo repeat what we said at the moment, we need serious petrochemical industry investments in our country. With the increase of these investments, our foreign dependency in many areas of our chemical industry will decrease and the ratio of exports to imports will increase ”.

2018 year rubber industry exports 2,8 billion dollars

Evaluating the rubber sector, Pelister said, “As of the year 2018 in the rubber industry globally, 14 million tons of natural rubber and 15 million tons of synthetic rubber have reached 29 million tons. The top five importers are the USA, Germany, China, Mexico and France, while the top five exporters are Germany, China, the USA, Malaysia and Thailand. In Turkey, 2018 billion dollars of total chemical industry exports and 1,4 billion dollars of total automotive exports were rubber products. In this context, 1,4 has a total export volume of 2018 billion dollars in rubber industry. In 2,8, the total exports of the chemical industry in January-September are composed of 2019 million dollars and the automotive industry's total exports are composed of rubber products. 930 In January-September, 1,15 was one of the top three countries where we exported 2019 million dollars. Germany ranks first. US-220 ranks second with million dollar exports and Poland-80 ranks third with million dollar exports. We have around 50 industrial enterprises, most of which are in Istanbul, Kocaeli, Bursa and Izmir. In the rubber sector, we continue to work on how to increase the value of 650 dollars in kilograms. In our workshop, we will discuss the threats and opportunities in our industry. However, how to determine the target countries and how to work about the target countries, national participation, trade delegations, fairs or congresses and so on. We will consider. I wish that our workshop will be beneficial for all of our participants..

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