Here is all incoming Zamlar! .. New Highway Fees, Bridge and YHT Fees

Here is all incoming Zamlar! .. New Highway Fees, Bridge and YHT Fees. Electricity, natural gas zamThe citizen who cannot overcome the shock of his / her s; highway and bridge tolls, YHT and suburban train tickets, postage zamshocked by the s.

20 percent on highway, train and postal fees zam It will create a new hole in the citizen's budget. Bus companies will undoubtedly make a new adjustment in their prices after increasing toll charges.


Traveling to Istanbul with a private car became even more expensive. End zamA car driver leaving from la Izmit West to Istanbul will pay 6 TL for the Çamlıca exit and 10,5 TL for the bridge crossing. Adding the gasoline prices that change every other day, it is obvious that the trips will be more pockets.


A car driver entering the highway from Izmit East and going to Ankara, new at the Akıncı exit zamHe will pay 25,75 TL. Traveling to Izmir is more expensive since the motorway is operated by a private company. The fee is 33,50 TL between Altınova and Bursa North and 119,75 TL between Bursa West and İzmir. Highway fee for Izmir exceeds 150 TL.


TCDD's ticket tariff is 20 percent, effective from yesterday. zamwas. YHT journey between Izmit and Ankara increased from 66 TL to 79,50 TL. Those who will go to Eskişehir will now pay 43,50 TL instead of 52,50 TL. With YHT, 19,50 TL will be paid to Istanbul Pendik or Söğütlüçeşme and 26,50 TL to Halkalı.


Train zammi reflected on suburban lines to a small extent. Izmit-Istanbul suburban line fee increased from 11 TL to 11.50 TL, Izmit-Adapazarı line fee increased from 10 TL to 12 TL. 65% discount for citizens over 50 and 26% discount for young people under 15 continue on train tickets.


Izmit East entrance
Sapanca 3,25 TL
Adapazari 4,25 TL
Düzce OSB 7,50 TL
Bolu 21,75 TL
Ankara 25,75 TL

Izmit West Entrance
Gebze 4,25 TL
Istanbul 6.00 TL

Entrance to Altinova
Bursa North 33,50 TL
Bursa West-Izmir 119,75

KMO Anatolian Motorway
16,85 TL from Glad North to Kurnaköy


Izmit- Eskisehir 52,50 TL
Izmit-Ankara 79,50 TL
İzmit-Pendik 19,50 TL
İzmit-Halkalı 26,50 TL
İzmit-Konya 103,50 TL

BUS Charges

Izmit (Kurucesme) - Harem 30 TL
Izmit (Kurucesme) - Houses 40 TL
Izmit (Terminal) - Ankara 75 TL
İzmit-Düzce 35 TL
İzmit-Bolu 50 TL
İzmit-Zonguldak 60 TL

(the özgürkocael)

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