Istanbul's New Metrobus Vehicles Are Unveiled

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality is bringing new vehicles to be started in Bursa, the metrobus system, which is one of the most widely used public transportation vehicles in the city. New metrobuses that are being tested now will continue to be produced if they are liked by citizens.

There are many public transportation vehicles in Istanbul (metro, tram, suburban and ferry). One of the most important of these vehicles is the "metrobus". Metrobuses, one of the new public transportation vehicles of Istanbul, transport about 1 million Istanbulites to their destinations every day. However, this carrying capacity was exhausting the Istanbulites for a long time. As such, Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality announced that it started new projects related to Metrobus systems.

Bringing 1 million Istanbul residents every day, the metrobus never falls off the agenda with news of stampede at the stops. Especially after the intensity experienced in Altunizade metrobus station, Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality announced that new projects are being worked on to solve the problems in the metrobus system. The most important pillar of those projects is new metrobus vehicles. Habertürk Esra Bogazliyan, the new metrobus vehicles that started the test drive, IMM Traffic Transportation Commission member. He asked Suat Sarı


In the last weeks, images resembling the place of apocalypse were reflected, especially at the stations in Altunizade, Zincirlikuyu and Cevizlibağ, and Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality announced that new projects were being worked on to solve the problems in the metrobus system.

New metrobus vehicles constitute the most important leg of those projects. He started the Akia brand vehicle test drive produced by a Iranian company in Bursa.


Sarı said that if the passenger is satisfied, the vehicles will be ordered and the production will start in Bursa. The currently used metrobus will have a capacity of 160-165 passengers… The new metrobus will have a capacity of 290 passengers. Stating that yellow, double-bellows buses can take the metrobus intensity for 3 years in terms of capacity, “The currently tested vehicle is diesel. However, the company can also produce electricity. The Metrobus must be electric. The vehicle is being tested. It should be tried at least 100 times. ” he spoke.


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