Istanbul Airport Metro What ZamWill be put into service at the moment?

Istanbul Airport Subway will be completed in the second half of 2020. H. Kadri Samsunlu, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of IGA Airport, made the statement on the subject.

Samsunlu gave a good news that the project will be completed by the fall of 2020 in the second half of the year. Istanbul will be a great convenience for those who have difficulty in access to the airport Metro continues to work without slowing down, he added.

Gayrettepe Istanbul Airport metro line stops

1-Gayrettepe metro stop
2-Kağıthane metro stop
3-Kemerburgaz metro stop
4-Göktürk metro stop
5-İhsaniye metro stop
6-New Airport metro stop

Istanbul Airport Metro Map

Istanbul Airport Metro Map
Istanbul Airport Metro Map


Istanbul Railway System Map

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