Michelin Collaborates with Continental and Smag for 'Sustainability'


The environmentally friendly Michelin collaborated with Smag and Continental. Developed as part of this collaboration, the smartphone application Rubberway® will map sustainable applications in the natural rubber industry.

Michelin, the world's largest tire manufacturer, has collaborated with Continental AG and leading agricultural software developer Smag to develop and implement the technological solution Rubberway®, which aims to map sustainable applications in the natural rubber supply chain.

Designed to be consistent with the Sustainable Natural Rubber Global Platform (GPSNR) objectives, Rubberway® will be a technological solution that maps the risks in all areas, from sales-oriented rubber processing plants to production-oriented farms in the natural rubber industry.

All data will be available to tire manufacturers

Rubberway®, which is expected to be operational by the end of the year, will provide its tire manufacturer users with data collected from the natural rubber supply chain, which includes nearly six million farmers, 100.000 vehicles and more than 500 processing plants; support for the identification and improvement of sustainability. With this joint venture, Michelin, Smag and Continental; It will try to make Rubberway® an independent solution that can be easily used by other natural rubber actors and will work to make the supply chain more transparent.

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