What is the Latest Situation in Kabataş Mahmutbey Metro Line Project?

Mayor of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Ekrem İmamoğlu visited the construction site of Beşiktaş station of Kabata Mahmutbey metro line construction.

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) President Ekrem İmamoğlu made examinations at the Beşiktaş station construction site of Kabataş - Mahmutbey Metro, which is under construction on the second day of the festival. Rahmi Asal, the Director of Istanbul Archeology Museums, gave technical information to İmamoğlu about the region, which came to the fore when historical artifacts were found during the metro excavation and was taken under protection. Asal shared with İmamoğlu the information that a cemetery from the Bronze Age was found along with artifacts from the Ottoman and Byzantine periods during the metro excavations. Asal showed İmamoğlu some of the examples taken from the cemetery, which are thought to be about 5 years old, and used as tools. Asal stated that they recorded the historical artifacts that need to be taken under emergency protection and sent them to museums, and the remaining artifacts will be opened to the public at the entrance of the metro station.

İmamoğlu said, “At what stage is the subway excavation? You gave the last date of January 2020, to the question of where the metro in Beşiktaş is in the project, “The excavations here are very important for us. Because Istanbul's muazzam There is a study here that sheds light on its historical past. The studies here are also a sign of how carefully every step we take should be taken. I wish success to our teachers and colleagues who managed the excavation process here. Of course, Istanbul will serve on the one hand, and these values ​​will be preserved on the other. According to the latest information, there is a delay due to the excavations around this station, but it does not pose a situation that prevents the Kabataş - Mahmutbey line. Only this stop can be activated late. Opening may be delayed a bit. When the station here is put into service, we will be providing a layout where people can see the ruins here as they get on the subway. Therefore, this place will become both a station and a museum ”.

He told İmamoğlu, “In the past years, we witnessed the collapse of the road in Balmumcu. The question was asked if that incident had anything to do with subway excavations. Imamoglu's answer to this question was, “There is no such delay in this line. If we are to see such a risk, we are sensitive about taking measures, accelerating and giving priority to them. I stated that I want a serious report from my friends in September at the latest. Most heavily, u work here or outside for that matterzamWe will be at the same table to meet people and create a quick report. We will determine a road map for informing the public and for the measures we will take ”. İmamoğlu said, “The most difficult route in Istanbul is the 3rd Airport. Do you think of a subway study for that area? Everyone is waiting for such news ”and the question“ This is not a thought. Moreover, this issue is Mecidiyeköy - 3rd Airport line, a line tendered by the Ministry of Transport and it is running. This is not a tender ethic line for the metropolitan municipality. Therefore, our other lines, metro - metrobus, and a station structure that compete in many aspects is formed. This is in the transport plan. Currently, work continues on this line, which is under the control of the Ministry of Transport. Near zamI will visit there and get information at the same time. We will inform you in the light of the information we receive. If necessary, the Ministry of Transport will provide the necessary information ”replied.

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