BMW's Resignation May Be Electric Cars

BMW CEO Resigns
BMW CEO Resigns

The reason for the resignation of the BMW Manager may be Electric Cars; BMW, which was among the first companies to start the electric car trend, started to renew its electric models such as i3 and i8 only years later.

The MINI brand owned by BMW recently presented its first electric car to its customers. The new electric MINI's $ 35.000 price and 235-kilometer range sparked controversy.

Krueger, who has been managing BMW for 4 years, has completely changed the company's future plans. In addition, Krueger, which concentrated the company on the internal combustion engine during the periods when diesel bans started in Europe, caused it to lag behind competitors.

For this reason, the features of the new MINI are said to be the same technology as the BMW 4-year BMW i3. The electric car, which can produce 185 horsepower, can complete the acceleration of 0-100 km / h in 7.3 seconds. This shows that it has a worse performance and technology than the almost 2-year-old Chevrolet Bolt model. No other details were shared about the vehicle, which will have a 270-kilometer long-distance version. So much so that the standard model has a range of just 10 kilometers more than the range of the experimental electric MINI, which was released almost 74 years ago.

BMW, one of the first companies in the electric car trend, seems to have changed with Krueger. BMW manager Harald Krueger is thought to have resigned because he could not adopt this new trend in the growing electric car market.

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