Voyah Dream's Türkiye price has been revealed! Here is the price and features

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Voyah Dream is on Sale in Turkey: Here are its Price and Technical Specifications

Chinese automobile manufacturer Voyah introduced its luxury electric MPV model Dream to the Turkish market. Dream draws attention with its high equipment level, powerful performance and comfortable interior. The special launch price was determined as 6.999.000 TL.

Voyah Dream HIGH: Luxury and Comfort Together

Voyah Dream is offered for sale in Turkey with the HIGH hardware package. This equipment level includes all the technological and comfort features of Dream. Dream HIGH is described as a 100% electric luxury MPV. The vehicle offers an impressive driving experience with its dual electric motor producing 435 HP power and 620 Nm torque, 4WD traction system capable of torque distribution and automatic transmission. Additionally, thanks to the air suspension system, it can adjust the height of the vehicle according to road conditions and increase road holding.

Dream distinguishes itself from its competitors with its length of more than 5.3 meters. The vehicle provides a unique comfort and luxury experience for all passengers in its 2+2+3-person interior. Dream is described as the car of the future with its seats with heating, ventilation and massage features, Dynaudio music system, interior ambient lighting that can be adjusted in 64 different colors, a 1.4 meter wide cockpit with 3 screens, and a technological infrastructure with an ultra-advanced operating system.

Voyah Dream: Performance and Efficiency

Dream also impresses with its powerful performance. The vehicle, which weighs 2.692 kilograms, accelerates from 0 to 100 km/h in 5.9 seconds. Its maximum speed is determined as 200 km/h. The vehicle offers a range of 93 km on a single charge with its 480 kWh capacity battery. At fast charging stations, it takes approximately 20 minutes for the battery to charge from 80% to 36%. Thus, Dream provides comfort and confidence to its users both in daily use and in intercity travels.

Voyah Dream is offered for sale in limited numbers in Turkey. The special launch price was determined as 6.999.000 TL. Dream appears as an ideal option for those looking for luxury, comfort, performance and efficiency.