Chery continues to grow at full speed in Turkey!

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Chery Expands Its Service Network in Turkey: 6 New Authorized Dealers and Service Points Opened

Chinese automobile brand Chery continues its growth in the Turkish market. Chery, which draws attention with both its sales numbers and its authorized sales and service network, has further expanded its service area with 6 new authorized dealers and service points. Chery offers sales and after-sales services to its users at 25 points in 40 provinces in Turkey.

Chery Türkiye: Experienced and Expert Authorized Dealers

Chery Turkey opened its new authorized dealers and service points in Istanbul, Ankara, Bursa and Şanlıurfa. These points were determined as Mengenler Etiler, Mengenler Davutpaşa, Tepretoğulları, Mengenler Ankara, Gönye Nilüfer and Bertansa. Chery has expanded its service network in Turkey to 25 points in 40 provinces with its new authorized dealers. Chery provides a full-fledged service to its users by providing after-sales service at all authorized sales points.

Chery's authorized dealers consist of experts and experienced people. Chery authorized dealers are authorized dealers that have been pioneers in the automotive industry for many years and include multiple automotive brands. Chery authorized dealers bring Chery's reliable, comfortable and technological products to Turkish consumers.

Chery Türkiye: Ambitious SUV Models

Chery Turkey entered the Turkish market as of March 2023. Chery continues its sales and after-sales activities in the Marmara, Aegean, Central Anatolia, Black Sea, Mediterranean, Eastern Anatolia and Southeastern Anatolia regions in Turkey. Chery wins the appreciation of users in Turkey with its SUV models OMODA 5, Tiggo 7 PRO and Tiggo 8 PRO, which are quite assertive in their segments.

Chery's SUV models outshine their competitors in terms of both design and performance. Chery's SUV models attract attention with their powerful engines, spacious interiors, high equipment levels, smart driving systems and affordable prices. Chery's SUV models meet the needs and expectations of car lovers in Turkey.

Chery Turkey continues to grow in the Turkish market with both sales and after-sales services. Chery Turkey is expanding its service area with new authorized dealers and service points. Chery Turkey is the choice of users with its assertive SUV models. Chery Türkiye offers reliable, comfortable and technological cars.