Elon Musk shared new details about Cybertruck


How Heavy Will the Cybertruck Be?

Elon Musk said in the podcast that Cybertruck will weigh 3200 kg. He stated that some versions will weigh close to 2700 kg. These figures show that the Cybertruck will weigh close to Ford's F-150 pickup truck. Considering that Cybertruck has a bulletproof steel body, these values ​​​​are quite impressive.

How Fast Will Cybertruck Be?

Elon Musk also stated that Cybertruck's 0-100 km/h acceleration will be under 3 seconds. This period will be valid for the three-motor version. This means that Cybertruck will have a performance that can compete with sports cars.

An Arrow Was Shot at the Body of Cybertruck

One of the interesting moments of the podcast was when Joe Rogan took a bow and shot an arrow at the steel body of Cybertruck. It is a matter of curiosity whether the arrow damaged the body of the vehicle. We will be able to learn all the details of Cybertruck at the official launch on November 30.

This news includes the latest developments about Tesla's electric pickup truck Cybertruck and the statements made by Elon Musk. Stay tuned to follow the launch and launch of the Cybertruck.