TOGG made a record delivery in October! Here are the delivery numbers…

Another First 'Smart Device Passport' from TOGG

Record Delivery for TOGG T10X Model

TOGG achieved a significant success in the domestic automobile industry and delivered 3567 T10X models to its customers in October. This success reveals the great progress the brand has achieved in a short time.

TOGG Delivered 9171 Units in Total

A total of 10 units were delivered for the T9171X model, which has been on sale since May. In this way, TOGG has approached the 10 thousand threshold.

Fraud Warning from TOGG

In the announcement made on its social media account, TOGG warned about fraud attempts against users of the T10X model whose delivery was approaching. He stated that one should be careful against malicious people who act fraudulently regarding payment by using the name of the brand. It was emphasized that payments should only be made through the Trumore mobile application.

TOGG strongly requested that it has initiated legal processes against such fraud attempts and that its users should not trust entities other than official channels.