Big discount not to be missed on DFSK models! Here are the details…

dfsk discount

DFSK, which entered the Turkish market last month with a total of six models, two passenger SUVs, two electric commercial and two gasoline commercial, launched a special campaign for November with the privilege of DFSK Finans. Within the scope of the campaign full of special opportunity advantages, interest rates starting from 5 percent up to 300 thousand TL are applied for the new generation Coupe SUV Fengon 0, which attracts attention with its sporty design, while 70 thousand TL cash purchase support is provided for cash purchases.

 The campaign includes loan rates starting from 1.5 percent and maturity options of up to 31 months or trade-in support of 0 thousand TL for the single-cabin C48 pick-up with a 40-liter gasoline engine in DFSK's commercial product range. 

EC31, the first and only electric pickup truck offered by DFSK to Turkey, and the electric van model EC300, which offers a range of 35 kilometers, are included in the November campaign with an interest rate starting from 0 percent and a maturity of up to 48 months or exchange support of 40 thousand TL. Those who want to purchase DFSK EC31 and EC35 models with the campaign are also given a "DFSK Wall Mounted Charging Unit" as a gift. 

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