A new EV is coming from Xiaomi: SU7

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Xiaomi SU7 is being developed in cooperation with BAIC Group

Xiaomi applied for a license from the Chinese Ministry of Technology to enter the electric car market. The images and feature list published by the ministry during the application process give clues about the design and technical features of the Xiaomi SU7 model.

Xiaomi is working in cooperation with BAIC Group, which will also undertake the production of the SU7 model. BAIC Group is one of China's largest automobile manufacturers and is experienced in electric cars. Xiaomi SU7 appears as an improved version of BAIC Group's EU7 model.

Xiaomi SU7 will come in two different versions

Xiaomi SU7 will be released in two different versions: SU7 and SU7 Max. Although the two models have very similar designs, there are important differences between them. For example, the SU7 model has lithium-ion battery technology, while the SU7 Max model has lithium iron phosphate battery technology. Additionally, the SU7 model offers two different power options: rear-wheel drive or four-wheel drive, while the SU7 Max model only comes with four-wheel drive.

The dimensions of the Xiaomi SU7 model are as follows: length 4.997 mm, width 1.963 mm, height 1.455 mm (1.440 mm without LiDAR sensor). The vehicle has a wheelbase of 3.000 mm and weighs 1.980 kg. While the rear-wheel drive version produces 295 hp, the four-wheel drive version produces 370 hp + 295 hp. The vehicle can reach a maximum speed of 210 km/h.

The dimensions of the Xiaomi SU7 Max model are as follows: length 5.020 mm, width 1.970 mm, height 1.460 mm. The vehicle has a wheelbase of 3.010 mm and weighs 2.205 kg. The four-wheel drive version produces 435 hp + 295 hp. The vehicle can reach a maximum speed of 265 km/h.

Xiaomi SU7 will offer a smart ecosystem with HyperOS

Xiaomi SU7 model is not just a car, it is the same zamIt will now offer a smart ecosystem in line with Xiaomi's "Human X Car X Home" strategy. Xiaomi has developed an operating system called HyperOS to ensure that its customers remain in a common ecosystem in every area where they benefit from technology. HyperOS is a human-centered system that combines personal devices, automobiles and smart homes. The Xiaomi SU7 model will be equipped with HyperOS and will allow users to easily connect with their smartphones, smart watches, smart speakers and smart home appliances.

What is the Xiaomi SU7 model? zamIt is not yet clear when it will be introduced and at what price it will be sold. However, Xiaomi's entry into the electric car industry could pose a major threat to both its Chinese and European rivals. Xiaomi can attract customers' attention by offering affordable and high-performance models in the electric car market, as it does in the smartphone market. What impact will the Xiaomi SU7 model have on the electric car market? zamthe moment will show.