What is Agar Agar Powder, for what purpose and where is it used?


Agar Agar Powder: Benefits and Uses of Vegetable Gelatin

Agar agar powder has become a popular ingredient in the food industry in recent years. Agar agar powder, which is used instead of gelatin, especially in pastry, is preferred in societies that are sensitive about halal products. Additionally, "Raindrop Cake", one of the interesting desserts of Japanese cuisine, is also made with agar agar powder.

So, what is agar agar powder, how is it made, where is it sold and how is it used? In which sectors is agar agar powder used and what are its benefits? Here are the things you want to know about agar agar powder:

What is Agar Agar Powder?

Agar agar powder is a thickener obtained by transforming red seaweed through special processes. Agar agar powder, also called vegetable gelatin, is a substance that has no connection with animal gelatin. Agar agar powder is available as small crystals in white or yellow tones.

How to Make Agar Agar Powder?

Agar agar powder is made by boiling, filtering, drying and grinding red seaweed. Agar agar powder, which can also be made at home, provides less density than professionally produced agar agar powder.

Where to Sell Agar Agar Powder?

Agar agar powder is sold in many places because it is a frequently used substance in the food industry. It is possible to find agar agar powder in markets, herbalists, pastry shops or online. Agar agar powder, which is affordable, is sold in packages.

How to Use Agar Agar Powder?

Agar agar powder is usually used by mixing it with hot liquids. Agar agar powder added to the liquid is allowed to cool after boiling. Agar agar powder, which solidifies as it cools, gives density and consistency to foods. Agar agar powder can be used in many food products. For example:

  • In pastry, agar agar powder can be used instead of gelatin in desserts such as cream, pudding, mousse, cheesecake and tiramisu.
  • In Japanese cuisine, “Raindrop Cake”, which has a transparent and wet appearance, is made with agar agar powder. This dessert consists of agar agar powder, water and sugar and is served with fruit or syrup.
  • In ice cream making, agar agar powder makes the ice cream softer and creamier. It also delays the melting of ice cream.
  • In milk desserts, agar agar powder prevents the milk from curdling and makes the desserts have a smoother texture. Agar agar powder can be used in desserts such as rice pudding, pudding, and Kazandibi.
  • In making jelly, agar agar powder can be mixed with fruit juice or sugar water to make jelly. Jelly made with agar agar powder has a harder and more brittle structure than jelly made with animal gelatin.

In Which Sectors Is Agar Agar Powder Used?

Agar agar powder is used not only in the food industry but also in zamIt is currently used in different fields such as pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries. In the pharmaceutical industry, agar agar powder is used to make pills and capsules. Additionally, in microbiological research, agar agar powder is used for bacterial culture. In the cosmetics industry, agar agar powder is used in the production of products such as skin masks, peelings, soaps and shampoos. Agar agar powder provides moisturizing, softening and firming effects to the skin.

What are the benefits of Agar Agar Powder?

Since agar agar powder is a herbal substance, it has many health benefits. Agar agar powder is a fiber-rich substance and supports intestinal health. Additionally, agar agar powder gives a feeling of fullness and helps control weight. Agar agar powder lowers cholesterol and protects heart health. Agar agar powder balances blood sugar and reduces the risk of diabetes. Agar agar powder, same zamIt is also beneficial for skin, hair and nail health.