What are KYK scholarship applications? zamWill the moment end? 2023-2024 KYK scholarship application calendar

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What are KYK Scholarship Applications? ZamIs the moment Ending? 2023-2024 Academic Year Scholarship/Loan Application Calendar

Applications for scholarships and loans given by the Ministry of Youth and Sports to students receiving higher education continue. First-time or continuing students in the 2023-2024 academic year can apply via e-Government to benefit from scholarship and loan opportunities. So, what are KYK scholarship applications? zamWill the moment end? Here is the scholarship/loan application calendar for the 2023-2024 academic year.

What are KYK Scholarship Applications? ZamStarted the moment?

The Ministry of Youth and Sports opened applications on October 2023, 2024 to provide scholarships and loans to students studying in higher education in the 1-2023 academic year. Applications are received via e-Government.

What are KYK Scholarship Applications? ZamWill the moment end?

KYK scholarship applications will end on Thursday, October 19, 2023 at 23.59. Students who want to apply must check their education information in e-Government by this date and have any errors in their information corrected by contacting their universities.

Who Can Apply for KYK Scholarship?

Students who can apply for KYK scholarship are:

  • Students who are eligible to enter a higher education program for the first time
  • Intermediate class students currently attending a higher education program
  • Turkish citizens studying abroad

The host country, Germany, will participate directly in the tournament without participating in the qualifying matches.

How to Apply for KYK Scholarship?

To apply for a KYK scholarship, you need to follow these steps:

  • Login to e-Government
  • Go to the Ministry of Youth and Sports page
  • Clicking on the scholarship/loan application option
  • Filling out the necessary information in the form that opens
  • Approve the application form

During the application, students' statements regarding their economic, social and success status will be confirmed by the Ministry of Youth and Sports through public institutions. Applications of students who make false statements will be deemed invalid.

As a result of the application, scholarships or loans will be allocated to students who comply with the legislation. Scholarship/loan allocation results will be announced on the official website of the Ministry of Youth and Sports.

Last days for KYK scholarship applications. Students who do not want to miss this opportunity should apply as soon as possible.