Information about the technical features and price of the fully electric Honda Prologue has been announced

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Honda's New Favorite: 2024 Honda Prologue

Honda brings a brand new breath to the world of electric cars. 2024 Honda Prologue draws attention with its four-wheel drive feature, strong performance and stylish design. Here are the highlights of this impressive vehicle.

Electric Power and Performance

2024 Honda Prologue offers four-wheel drive power with electric motors integrated into the front and rear axles. Producing a total of 215 kW (288 hp) of power and an impressive 451 Nm of torque, the engines take driving pleasure to the top. We should point out that, with Honda's promise, a more affordable front-wheel drive version will come in the future.

Wonder of Technology and Design: General Motors Collaboration

Honda Prologue was developed in collaboration with General Motors and uses the US manufacturer's Ultium platform and batteries. This makes the car a sibling to the electric Chevrolet Blazer. The 85 kWh capacity of the lithium-ion battery pack provides a range of 483 km according to EPA measurements.

hnda prologue

Fast Charging and Stylish Design

Honda Prologue is equipped with maximum 155 kW DC fast charging support. This offers the advantage of gaining a range of 10 km with just 105 minutes of charging. We should also note that a full charge takes approximately 11.5 hours with 8 kW AC charging. Offered with 19 or 21 inch wheel options, this model makes a big impact with its 4877 mm length and 3094 mm wheelbase.

Large Internal Volume and Stylish Equipment

Honda Prologue has a spacious interior with an impressive luggage volume of 714 liters, which increases to 1634 liters when the second row seats are folded. The interior, which draws attention with its simple and stylish design, offers an 11-inch digital instrument panel and 11.3-inch touchscreen multimedia screen starting from the entry level.

Variety with Different Equipment Levels

Honda Prologue's trim levels include EX, Touring and Elite. While features such as heated front seats, adjustable driver's seat and dual-zone climate control are offered at the EX level, more luxurious details come into play at the Touring level. The Elite equipment includes high-end features such as 21-inch wheels, heated steering wheel and head-up display.

hnda prologue

Pioneer in Safety: Honda Sensing Technologies

The new Honda Prologue has a safety set strengthened by Honda Sensing technologies. Advanced technologies such as blind spot warnings, rear seat passenger alert and rear cross traffic alert maximize the safety of the driver and passengers.

Price and Expectations

Although it is not yet clear, it is said that the Honda Prologue will have a price tag of over 40 thousand dollars. However, considering the features and performance offered, we can say that this price is reasonable.

Conclusion: The Elegance of the Electric Future

The 2024 Honda Prologue makes a stylish entrance into Honda's electric future. With its strong performance, impressive range and luxurious equipment, this vehicle seems to make a name for itself in the electric car world.