Who are Dilan Polat and her husband Engin Polat? How old is Dilan Polat, where is she from? What do Dilan Polat and her husband Engin Polat do?

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Who are Dilan Polat and her husband Engin Polat? The Life of Social Media's Famous Couple

He made a name for himself with his posts on his social media account. Dylan Polat and his wife Engin Polatis among the names talked about on social media. Details about the life of Dilan Polat, who has millions of followers on social media, are curious. So who is Dilan Polat and who is her husband Engin Polat, how old is she, where is she from, what does she do?

Who is Dilan Polat, how old is she, where is she from?

Dilan Polat was born on July 21, 1990 in Istanbul. Polat, who has two siblings, grew up with his aunts after losing his mother at a young age. Polat, who started his business life as a birth photographer, has photographed many celebrities so far. After birth photography, she opened a beauty center in Istanbul with her sister in 2017. The beauty center opened under the name Dilan Polat has branches in many provinces of Turkey.


Dilan Polat makes a name for herself with her stories and posts on her social media account Instagram. Dilan Polat has more than 3 million followers on her Instagram account. Dilan Polat shares both the work of the beauty center and her happy moments with her husband Engin Polat in her posts on her Instagram account.

Who is Engin Polat, how old is he, where is he from, what does he do?

Engin Polat was born on June 3, 1988. Engin Polat is a successful businessman who became the founder and chairman of the board of directors of a medical company at a young age. Engin Polat's medical company operates abroad as well as in Turkey.

Engin Polat is married to Dilan Polat. It is known that the couple got married in 2019. The marriage of Engin Polat and Dilan Polat was also talked about a lot on social media. Among the celebrities who attended the couple's wedding ceremony were names such as Demet Akalın, Ebru Gündeş and Hande Yener.


Engin Polat and Dilan Polat have a daughter from their marriage. The couple's daughter is named Ela. Ela's birth also attracted great attention on social media. Dilan Polat and Engin Polat also share their loving moments with their daughter Ela on their Instagram accounts.