Togg related sales ads are under review


Togg related sales ads under the scrutiny

The Ministry of Commerce made a statement stating that they received complaints about Togg that some announcements were made in violation of the latest decisions and measures in the automotive industry. In this context, the Ministry announced that the sales advertisements related to Togg are being examined.

The statement underlined that no concessions will be made to those who try to sell above the zero price in order to exploit national feelings about Togg, and the following was noted:

“Attempts that will damage the reputation of our global brand will not be tolerated. The product of our national technology, Togg, which comes off the production line and meets with its consumers, besides being a very important domestic tool for balancing prices in the automotive market, it is a strategic value that cannot be used as a tool for the simple tricks of opportunists. Necessary legal sanctions will be applied decisively by our Ministry of Commerce regarding the manipulative and deceptive attempts regarding Togg, which has made great strides in becoming the locomotive of the automobile industry, and deterrent measures will be taken rapidly.”

It was emphasized in the statement that the Ministry carried out strict inspections against the games of demanding exorbitant prices for second-hand vehicles, demanding prices above the zero price for second-hand vehicles, stocking up on new vehicles, demanding extra money from the hand for new vehicles, or increasing prices on the pretext of accessories. As a result of the studies, it was reported that there was a 95 percent decrease in illegal vehicle advertisements.

In the statement, it was seen that new stocked vehicles appeared suddenly and it was noted that serious decreases began in the prices of new vehicles and second-hand vehicles. As the Ministry of Commerce, our inspections and strict follow-ups will continue until the trade environment and conditions return to normal. In line with the complaints, determinations are made quickly and legal actions are taken about those who post their vehicles on advertisement sites at normal prices and demand high prices in phone calls and resort to commercial fraud.” expressions were used.

Togg deliveries continue

Planning to produce 28 thousand vehicles this year, Togg announced that they brought 1 T16Xs to their owners between 909-10 August. Thus, the total number of vehicles delivered by the company increased to 2344.