EIA Report of the Domestic Automobile Factory to be Established in Bursa Announced

Turkey's Cars Initiative Group (TOGG) domestic automobile factory will be completed in 18 months and will produce two thousand people will work in the building. According to the report, a total investment of 500 billion lira will be made, 22 million of which is from the partners of the company

Osman Cobanoglu newspaper from TurkeyAccording to the report of EIA report of the factory to be established in Bursa, where the foundations of the domestic car will be laid, has been announced.

Turkey's Cars Initiative Group (TOGG) will produce for the domestic automobile construction phase of the plant will take 18 months in total. The commissioning process will reach May 2021. Production will start in 2022. Two thousand people will work during the construction of the factory, which will be built in the military area near the Gemlik district of Bursa. In the operational phase, it is envisaged to employ 2023 2 people for 420 and 2032 4 people until 323.

The staff working on the project will be procured primarily from the local people.

'First to the Domestic Market, then to Europe'

The EIA report also mentioned the work done to determine the product range of the car. In this context, a study was done on the sample-taking behavior on the purchase of a car with two thousand in Turkey. According to market research in Turkey in the C segment, a Sport Utility Vehicle (SUV) was seen that the demand is high. It was emphasized that the first product was decided to be SUV in the C segment, as market forecasts also indicated that the sedan market will grow by 1-2 percent and SUVs will grow by more than 8 percent in the next seven to eight years. It is aimed to introduce the first product, the C-SUV, primarily to the domestic market, and to start exporting two years later with European markets where electric vehicles are heavily preferred.

The reason why Bursa was chosen for the factory was another issue highlighted in the EIA. Istanbul with Turkey's Marmara region developed industrial and logistics infrastructure in place as alternatives to the project, Sakarya, Kocaeli and Bursa said the investigation of the city. In the Aegean Region, İzmir and Manisa were evaluated.

In the examinations made, it was stated that the area in Bursa stands out due to the sea position and the port is located near the land. It is planned to ship the vehicles to be produced through the port easily over the sea. Its proximity to the Osmangazi Bridge and the sub-industry was also an important factor in the selection of Bursa.

Will Reduce Current Account Deficit by 7 Billion Euros

In the report, it was stated that the total capital to be deposited by the company partners will be 2023 million Euros by 500. The total cost of the project was highlighted as 22 billion liras including project preparation, pre-engineering, permits, construction, machinery, electricity, installation, equipment, assembly, commissioning, product development, marketing items. With the project, by 2032, it is expected to contribute 50 billion euros to the gross domestic product, to reduce the current account deficit by 7 billion euros, and to create 20 thousand additional jobs together with the supplier industry.

Soil on Site Will Be Stored

While the project area is allocated to TOGG for 49 years, 50 trucks, 10 tower cranes, five mobile cranes, five excavators, five pile machines, 20 mixers, three concrete pumps and five jet grouts during the land preparation and construction phase. machine will be used.

However, only trucks from these construction machines will enter and exit to supply materials to the field. There will be 10 centimeters of vegetative soil in the areas to be excavated in a part of the field and this soil material will be cured with an excavator. The received soil will be kept separately in the vegetable soil storage area to be created in the area.

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