KYMCO's New Address in Ankara: Doğan Trend Automobile

KYMCO's New Address in Ankara Doğan Trend Automobile
KYMCO's New Address in Ankara Doğan Trend Automobile

KYMCO, represented in Turkey by Doğan Trend Automotive, presents its newest models at Doğan Trend Automobile, which opened its doors in Ankara-Söğütözü, and welcomes its customers with accessory sales in addition to its comprehensive service and maintenance services. Among the newest KYMCO models introduced in 2023, Maxi-Scooter AK 550 Premium, compact scooter KRV 200 TCS, Xciting VS 500 Limited Edition produced only 400 units, economy scooter Dink R 150 and electric I-One can be purchased from Doğan Trend Automobile .

Having gained a remarkable momentum in the sector with its investments in automotive and mobility under the umbrella of Doğan Holding, Doğan Trend Automotive has started to offer special exhibition, sales and after-sales services for the Taiwanese manufacturer KYMCO, one of the world's major and prestigious brands, at its new branch in Ankara-Söğütözü. In the new center, which is KYMCO's 29th sales and 30th authorized service point in Turkey, in addition to new models, helmets, coats, gloves and many more comprehensive motorcycle accessories are featured in its 201 square meter showroom. At the new meeting point of KYMCO enthusiasts in Ankara, motorcycle lovers can both examine motorcycles closely and get detailed information from trained professionals who are experts in the industry.

Emre Acar, Deputy General Manager for Motorcycles at Doğan Trend, said, “We are continuing our investments uninterruptedly, seeing the potential of KYMCO, which is world-renowned and produces more than 1 million motorcycles and ATVs globally, in our country. Thanks to Doğan Trend Automobile, which hosts all services for KYMCO users in Ankara and the surrounding regions, we increase the brand value and provide added value to the motorcycles of existing users. We offer suitable opportunities for those who want to own a new KYMCO with a 5-year guarantee period and favorable financing conditions. We will continue to realize our new investments with our belief in KYMCO very soon.”

KYMCO impresses with its new models!

Taiwanese manufacturer KYMCO, one of the world's biggest and prestigious brands, draws attention with its innovations such as AK 550 Premium, KRV 200 TCS, Xciting VS 400 Limited Edition, Dink R 150 and I-One. KYMCO also offers suitable opportunities for those who want to enter the new motorcycle season on two wheels, with a 5-year warranty period and favorable financing conditions with the assurance of Doğan Trend. As a step that adds value to the motorcycle industry, KYMCO, which started to offer 2023 years warranty on 0 model 5 km models, also provides an opportunity to extend the warranty for +2021 more years for KYMCO motorcycles, which it sold in 2022 and 2, and whose periodic maintenance was done regularly.