The Name of Victory in Bursa Rally Çukurova-Akçay

The Name of Victory in Bursa Rally Çukurova Akçay
The Name of Victory in Bursa Rally Çukurova-Akçay

The second race of Petrol Ofisi Maxima 2023 Turkey Rally Championship, Beydağ Int Yapı 47th Yeşil Bursa Rally, was organized by Bursa Automobile Sports Sports Club (BOSSEK) on 19-21 May with the contributions of ICRYPEX, Bursa Metropolitan Municipality, aloft Hotel Bursa, İnallar and Özhan. In the start ceremony of the race, 19 May Commemoration of Atatürk, Youth and Sports Day was celebrated with great enthusiasm with the participation of 148 athletes. Turkey's domestic car, TOGG, also appeared before the racers for the first time at the ceremony attended by Mr. Mustafa Varank, Minister of Industry and Technology of the Republic of Turkey, and Alinur Aktaş, Mayor of Bursa Metropolitan Municipality.

The total length of the teams for two days is 470 km. Burak Çukurova-Burak Akçay from the BC Vision Motorsport team became the winner of the general classification of the rally, where they competed in 10 special stages on the asphalt track, which is the first zamWon Class 2 first place at the time. Ümit Can Özdemir-Batuhan Memişyazıcı from GP Garage My Team came in second, while Ali Türkkan-Burak Erdener from Castrol Ford Team Turkey won the third place in the general classification as well as the first place in Class 3. In the rally, where the rainy weather showing the interface on the second day made the teams very difficult, Castrol Ford Team Turkey became the winner of the Brands and BC Vision Motorsport was the winner of the teams.

Uğur Soylu from GP Garage My Team took the first place in the masters category, which started to be implemented this year, Erhan Akbaş from the same team won the second place, and Cem Yudulmaz from Castrol Ford Team Turkey won the third place. Red Bull athlete Ali Türkkan won the Young Pilots Championship, while Begüm Uludağ, who competed with Sevgi Aktürk, became the young co-pilot winner. The rally's Class 4 and two-wheel drive winners were Yıldıray Demircioğlu-Mehmet Köleoğlu from Atış Motorsports, Class N winner Sinan Soylu-Özgür Akdağ from GP Garage My Team, Class 5 winner Tuncer Sancaklı-Asena Sancaklı from BC Vision Motorsport. Burcu Çetinkaya from GMG Racing took the first place in the female pilots, and Asena Sancaklı won the female co-pilots first place.

Father and son team Ömer Gür-Levent Gür won the historic classification open to classic rally cars and the Category 1 first place, while Tan-Selda Çağlayan couple became the second place and Yılmaz Köprücü-Utku Güloğlu became the third place. Selda Çağlayan won the Historic class female co-pilot first prize.

In TOSFED Rally Cup classification, BC Vision Motorsport's Melih Cevdet Yıldırım-Bora Arabacı ranked first in general classification and Category 2, while Kaan Kara-Taner Kara in Category 1 and Fatih Selim Göçer-Ali Tuğrul in Category 3 In category 4, Kaya and Kemal Çetinkaya-Tolga Tezeken were the teams that completed the cup in the first place. Çiğdem Tümerkan, who started a rally for the first time with her daughter Zeynep Tümerkan, became the first female pilots, while Cansu Açar, who took her first start with Sinan Yardimici, was the name that reached the first place in female co-pilots.

Petrol Ofisi Maxima 2023 Turkey Rally Championship will continue with the Eskişehir Rally to be held on 10-11 June.

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