Very Special Gourmet Suitcase from DS Automobiles

Very Special Gourmet Suitcase from DS Automobiles
Very Special Gourmet Suitcase from DS Automobiles

DS Automobiles continues its support for gastronomy and fashion by enriching the travel experience through the “DS Gourmet Suitcase”, which focuses on different materials, after meeting with manufacturers.

The gourmet suitcases, designed by DS AUTOMOBILES STUDIO PARIS and produced by La Malle Bernard, are a reflection of French travel design. Developed with the contribution of Michelin-starred Chef Julien Dumas to highlight elegance and aesthetics, the gourmet suitcases reflecting the French lifestyle lead to discovering local cultures and meeting during travel. DS Gourmet Suitcases are presented at the same time as the ESPRIT DE VOYAGE collection, which was first introduced with the DS 4 and DS 7 models. This special suitcase, which has only been produced in 10 pieces, becomes a very special collector's item for DS Automobiles enthusiasts.

DS Automobiles continues to honor gastronomy, the sine qua non of the French travel art. The Parisian brand presents its newly designed special gourmet suitcases to travelers as part of the launch of DS 4 ESPRIT DE VOYAGE and DS 7 ESPRIT DE VOYAGE. These special gourmet suitcases were embodied in collaboration with DS Automobiles and La Malle Bernard, who approach travel with an aesthetic and cultural understanding. This new and elegant touch was developed in collaboration with Michelin-starred chef Julien Dumas to highlight elegance and aesthetics. Reflecting the French lifestyle, DS Gourmet Suitcases initiate the discovery of local cultures and meetings during travel for those who expect more perfection, originality and quality from their on-the-road experience.

Stating that these special suitcases, which reflect the French art of travel, are designed for sharing, DS Automobiles CEO Béatrice Foucher said, “Here, we aimed to carry different materials in order to support local producers who create gastronomy. DS Gourmet Suitcases allow you to meet up with friends in an atmosphere where the core element of French heritage is perfection.”

DS Automobiles Gourmet Suitcases, designed by DS DESIGN STUDIO PARIS, Julien Dumas and La Malle Bernard, use premium materials, especially nappa leather, for the outer part, while the interior of the ESPRIT DE VOYAGE Collection for the compartments made of barrels using poplar wood. Pearl Gray, the same color as the Alcantara® upholstery, was chosen. The ESPRIT DE VOYAGE embossed signature stands out as another striking feature of the product. Other details include the Clous de Paris embossed parts on the professionally designed handles, nickel-plated jewelery clasps and hand-sewn leather straps. Michelin-starred Chef Julien Dumas, DS Automobiles' ambassador for gastronomy, played an active role in the design phase. Each suitcase designed by the artisanal staff of La Malle Bernard, the other arm of the collaboration, was painstakingly worked on over a long period of time.

Stating that these gourmet suitcases used in the DS 7 vehicle are an excellent work tool, DS Automobiles Gastronomy Ambassador Julien Dumas said, “I regularly meet with manufacturers who have a unique expertise. Based on our evaluations, I return products that I have used in studies. Then, in the kitchen of Restaurant Bellefeuille in Hotel Saint James Paris, I apply them in the most natural way possible, with an environmentally friendly approach.”

In DS Gourmet Suitcases, which have many storage compartments and functional accessories;

  • three test tubes,
  • A bottle of olive oil
  • Two big jars
  • six small jars,
  • Walnut wood cutting board
  • Paring knife made by cutlery manufacturer Patrick Bonneta,
  • honey spoon,
  • Corkscrew,
  • Includes notepad and pen.

DS Automobiles Gastronomy Ambassador Julien Dumas, who added that he took into consideration different materials and visits to manufacturers while designing these suitcases, said, “I used the oil bottle to fill the roasted walnut oil I bought from Massif Central, jars for dried and smoked trout and seaweed caviar, Alexander pepper, dried I used test tubes for seaweed and fresh herbs. “I used the jars to bring back seaweed tartare, dried trout, dried scallops and apple cider vinegar from the Paris region and Brittany, specifically Jean-Marie and Valérie Pédron.”

Legendary brand La Malle Bernard

DS Gourmet Suitcases were manufactured by La Malle Bernard, which includes the oldest box and suitcase manufacturers in the world and still operates in France. On it, there is the Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant stamp, which was given because it was accepted by the French state. The brand's first founding step was taken when Jules Bernard and Caroline Simon displayed their expertise in a workshop established in Paris in 1846, after working in the Louvre's department stores. La Malle Bernard became known at the turn of the 20th century for its black-lined suitcases designed to carry and present items of all shapes and sizes. In the 1930s, La Malle Bernard specialized in making car trunks for use in roofs and trunks of automobile models. These trunks were custom made of canvas fabric in the same color as the body part. It contained at most two suitcases. This design allowed passengers to leave the trunk securely attached to the rear of the vehicle and easily remove the two protected suitcases from inside. A traditional family business, La Malle Bernard has a shop in Paris and workshops in Normandy.

The ultra-exclusive collection of DS Gourmet Suitcases is at the DS Automobiles lifestyle boutique, up close zamAt the same time, it will be offered to customers who are fond of taste and luxury. Each suitcase will be customizable according to the customer's vehicle, and will have its initials engraved upon request.