Tesla What To Sale To Türkiye Zammoment starts? Here Is That Date

What's in Tesla Turkey Sales? ZamThe moment Begins Here's That Date
Tesla What To Sale To Türkiye ZamThe moment Begins Here is that date

Electric car manufacturer Tesla claimed to start selling in Turkey from April 4th. Model Y will go on sale, while Model 3 will not be sold for now.

From the newspaper Hürriyet Taylan Free Language'of to the news According to the company's official Instagram account, the post shared "TURKEY" along with the electric SUV model Model Y. Sharing the number "4/4" in the post also turned the eyes to April 4th.

According to the information received, Tesla will officially start sales in Turkey as of April 4, 2023, and Model Y will be the first vehicle to be sold on the internet. The company will open two stores in Istanbul in the first place. The first store will be Kanyon AVM located on the European side of Istanbul. The second store will be located in another shopping mall on the Anatolian side.

Model 3 will not go on sale in Turkey

Model 3, Tesla's more affordable vehicle than Model Y, will not go on sale for now, as Turkey has increased the additional customs duty for electric vehicles from China to 40 percent. Model Y, Tesla's SUV body model, owned by US businessman Elon Musk, is produced at the company's "Giga Berlin" factory in Germany.

Price is 54 thousand 990 Euros

There are two versions of the vehicle, rear-wheel drive and four-wheel drive. Range options can vary according to the demand of the users. The rear-wheel drive version of Model Y with a range of 455 km is offered for sale in Germany for 44 thousand 890 Euros, while the price of the four-wheel drive version with a range of 533 km is determined as 54 thousand 990 Euros.

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