TAYSAD 44th Ordinary General Assembly Meeting was Held

TAYSAD Ordinary General Assembly Meeting was Held
TAYSAD 44th Ordinary General Assembly Meeting was Held

The 44th Ordinary General Assembly Meeting of the Association of Vehicles Supply Manufacturers (TAYSAD) was held with the participation of members and representatives of stakeholder institutions. In the General Assembly; Important messages regarding the effects of the earthquake disaster, the works of the automotive industry in this process and the importance of the contribution of the automotive industry to the economy in this period were shared.

In the new term of TAYSAD, Albert Saydam was re-elected as the Chairman, who has assumed this position for 2 years, while on the Board of Directors İlk Automotive (Yakup Biri), Cavo Automotive (Berke Ercan), Parsan Makine (Lokman Yamantürk), Avitaş (Şekib Avdagiç), Assan Hanil ( Leading companies and representatives of the industry such as Atacan Güner), Ditaş (Osman Sever), Farplas (Ahu Büyükkuşoğlu Serter), Feka (Taner Karslıoğlu), Norm Cıvata (Fatih Uysal) and Toyota Boshoku (Hakan Konak).

“As an industry, we should question ourselves”

In the opening speech of the meeting, TAYSAD Chairman of the Board Albert Saydam noted that they decided to establish the Disaster and Risk Management Working Group, and that, on the one hand, they planned the necessary support activities for the disaster area to return to the past, and on the other hand, they headed towards establishing a disaster management system among the members.

Saydam stated that vehicle production in the world and Europe is getting closer to the pre-pandemic figures and said, “A large part of this is due to the demand and production in the Far East, China and India. We are still far from the world production approaching 2017 million in 100, but there are currently assumptions that 3 million production will be reached in 5 to 100 years.”

Emphasizing that the picture is not so positive when looking at Turkey, Saydam continued as follows:

“We closed 2022 as 13th in the world in production and 18th in sales. Forecasts for 2023 indicate that we will regress one place in international reports. When we say we will go back one place, the next countries are Canada, Indonesia, France and Spain. As you know, both TAYSAD and OSD aim to be in the top 10. The current equivalent of this is the production of 2,3 million vehicles. We caught 2017 million units in 1,7, but this year it seems that our production will fall behind 1,3 million units.”

“The share of the supplier is increasing”

Saydam stated that there was a more positive situation in exports and said, “In 2017, when the vehicle production was the highest, we had an export of 34 billion dollars, 29 percent of which was the supply industry. In 2022, we increased the share of the supply industry to 42 percent. Our target in 2023 is to increase the total automotive exports to over 44 billion dollars by increasing 35 percent and to take back the championship that we have entrusted to the chemical industry for one year. In the first 2 months, we have taken the leadership back by a clear distance," he said.

“We must focus on medium-term solutions”

Emphasizing that unlike Turkey, the agenda in Europe is quite different, Saydam said:

“What is being talked about in Europe? The use of e-fuel vehicles in addition to the European Union electric was approved after long discussions, with the pressure of Germany. Apart from the investment made in electric vehicles in Europe, there are discussions on the direction of investments in hydrogen fuel cells, where the main target is fuel cells and the closest solution to zero emissions," he said.

Saydam said, “In Europe, it is discussed who will be the owner of the in-vehicle information, who will own the intellectual property rights, and which courts are authorized in case of non-compliance with this.” He said, “It is said that the Euro 7 regulation on commercial vehicles, which has been introduced in Europe with a trend, has a much less effect on the improvement of environmental pollution than the cost it actually caused. As you can see, our agenda is different. Therefore, TAYSAD and other non-governmental organizations should work together with the legislator for an environment where medium-term solutions will be discussed by removing their members from the agenda as much as possible.” used the phrases.

TAYSAD Achievement Awards found their owners

The meeting continued with TAYSAD Achievement Awards. Bosch won the first prize in the category of “members that export the most”, while CMS Wheel was awarded the second prize and Tırsan Trailer was awarded the third prize. In the category of “members with the highest increase in exports”, Döksan Pressure Casting won the first prize, GKN Sinter won the second prize, and Freudenberg won the third prize.

The first prize in the “Patent” category was presented to Tırsan Trailer, while Vestel Elektronik took the second place and Bosch the third. Mutlu Battery, which participated the most in the trainings organized by TAYSAD, was deemed worthy of the first prize in this field; The second prize went to Tekkan Plastik and the third prize to Pimsa Automotive.

In addition, a certificate was presented to Teknorot, which increased female employment the most in its field, in the category of social responsibility project titled “Equal Opportunity, Diversify Talent” initiated by TAYSAD at the ceremony.

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