Karsan Continues to Grow in Canada

Karsan Continues to Grow in Canada
Karsan Continues to Grow in Canada

Karsan is also increasing its pace in North America, one of its target markets. Continuously renewing its product range with the aim of globalization, Karsan has rolled up its sleeves to showcase its success in Europe in North America as well. Recently, one of Canada's leading bus companies, Damera Bus Sales Canada Corp. Having signed a distributorship agreement with Karsan, Karsan launched the country's first low-floor electric minibuses to carry passengers in public transportation, with 6 e-JEST models delivered to Saint John. Karsan has now delivered 15 e-JEST vehicles to Oakville, one of the leading cities of the country, through its distributor Damera Bus.

Quiet transportation solution for narrow streets

Maintaining its market leadership in Europe for 3 years with e-JEST, Europe's best-selling electric minibus, Karsan aims to rapidly increase its presence in the North American market. Oakville, which has the vision of being the most livable city in Canada, draws attention with its living spaces with narrow streets.

E-JESTs, which will replace diesel vehicles in the city, will also contribute to the peace of the region with their ideal dimensions and silence. “The first zero-emission, electric special-service buses to come to Oakville is an exciting milestone that will bring our community one step closer to our goal of net-zero emissions by 2050,” said Anita Anand, Canadian Minister of Defense and Member of Parliament for Oakville.

“We will grow stronger in North America”

Karsan CEO Okan Baş stated that e-JEST, which has proven itself in Europe, will take the lead in the North American market in a short time and said, “e-JEST, which has achieved market leadership in Europe for three consecutive years, is now in North America. As the first electric minibus of Turkey, it continues to gain an important place in the market. The environmentally friendly and quiet nature of our e-JEST vehicles, which started to work in Oakville, fully coincides with the city's vision of being the 'most livable city'. We are proud to play a pioneering role in the city's electric transportation transformation by delivering the city of Oakville's first zero-emission vehicle.”

Reminding that they entered the Canadian market with 6 vehicles delivered to Saint John, Baş said, “We are increasing our speed in the region with Karsan e-JEST, the first electric minibus of North America. We have ambitious targets in this market and we will rapidly continue our e-JEST deliveries to different cities of Canada in the coming period. We will grow stronger in the North American market, especially in Canada, as in Europe.”

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