Hyundai Developed Automatic Charging Robot for Electric Vehicles

Hyundai Developed Automatic Charging Robot for Electric Vehicles
Automatic Charging Robot for Hyundai Electric Vehicles

Hyundai Motor Group has developed an automatic charging robot (ACR) for electric vehicles (EV). Leading the industry with the new technologies it has developed like the cars it produces, Hyundai also eliminates the accessibility problems at the charging port of electric cars. While the Automatic Charging Robot automatically plugs the cable into the vehicle that comes to the station for charging, it also removes the cable from the vehicle when the charge is completed. Working with an artificial intelligence, this robot communicates with the vehicle to open the charging port when the vehicle is fully parked and calculates the exact position and angle via a 3D camera mounted inside.

The robot then takes the charger, fixes it to the vehicle's charging port and starts the charging session. After the charging process is completed, you can remove the charger. It even closes the charging port cover so that the vehicle can move again.

ACR will help make charging easier and more comfortable, especially in dark environments. Same zamCurrently, these cables are thicker and heavier than for high-speed charging. This type of robots will help humanity more in the near future, especially for women and disabled people to be able to move more.

Most EV chargers operate outdoors and unprotected. Considering all these adverse weather conditions and heavy cables, Hyundai engineers set up an electric vehicle charging station in the R&D center in Korea and evaluated the performance of the robot in various conditions. In addition, engineers use laser sensors for the robot to detect vehicles and prevent possible accidents.

ACR will be exhibited at the 31 Seoul Mobility Show between March 9 and April 2023, and then it will start mass production and be used in charging stations in many countries around the world.

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