Toyota Exhibits Pedestrian Mobility Assistant C+walk S for the First Time in Japan

Toyota Pedestrian Mobility Assistant Cwalk Si Displayed in Japan for the First Time
Toyota Exhibits Pedestrian Mobility Assistant C+walk S for the First Time in Japan

As a mobility brand, Toyota exhibited the pedestrian mobility assistant C+walk S, the second model of the C+walk series, for the first time in Japan. Alongside the new C+walk S, Toyota continued to develop the standing model type, the C+walk T2 and C+pod3.

Developed in accordance with different needs with the understanding of “Mobility for All”, the vehicles aim to meet the daily activities and the needs of going out, especially for the elderly or people with reduced mobility. In this context, the C+walk T was developed to be used on the pavement on public roads.


From the C+pod model, which can be easily used for urban transportation, to the C+walk series, which can be used on pavements, mobility options suitable for each customer's life stage are developed. Aiming to provide freedom of movement for users of all ages, Toyota aims to expand people's fields of activity, support their independence and make as many people happy as possible.

Toyota also continues to identify needs by working with local communities. Same zamCurrently, work is being done with companies that develop new business models using the C+pod and C+walk series.

Cwalk T

The newly developed C+walk S targets people who can walk on their own but cannot walk long distances or for long periods of time. As a three-wheeled mobility vehicle, it can drive on pavement and easily adapt to the road surface in front of it. C+walk S shares the form of the C+walk series, which has a look in harmony with city landscapes and travels at walking speeds. The vehicle, which provides a comfortable journey in walking areas, can continue to chat with pedestrians as it can move side by side. With its obstacle recognition feature, the C+walk S can avoid colliding with pedestrians or objects.

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