First Race of 2023 Turkish Rally Championship Begins in 'Oasis Bodrum'

The First Half of the Turkish Rally Championship Begins in Oasis Bodrum
First Race of 2023 Turkish Rally Championship Begins in 'Oasis Bodrum'

Organized for the third time this year by Karya Automobile Sports Club, Rally Bodrum will offer car lovers an adrenaline-filled weekend on April 14-16.

The organization, which won the Special Jury Award in the "Best Sports Event" category at the ACE of MICE Awards Congress, Meeting and Event Awards, will start with the exhibition and talk at Oasis Bodrum.

The 'Rally Cars Exhibition', which has become a tradition and includes the cars of champion pilots, can be visited in Oasis Bodrum between 09-16 April. In addition, champion rally drivers Serdar Bostancı, Burak Çukurova, Kemal Gamgam and Bodrum athletes Ali Dinç and Furkan Paşalı will meet with automobile lovers and answer questions about the rally in an interview that will take place at Oasis Bodrum on Wednesday, April 12 at 19.00. Castrol will meet with the participants at the event with rally simulators.

Oasis Bodrum General Manager Özgen Özyurt said the following about the event they sponsored for the third time:

“We are very pleased with the added value that Rally Bodrum brings to our region and sports tourism. This has had very good reflections in the past years and it was the organization that won the first award-winning rally title. Bodrum is a world brand known to all people who have gone out of their own country and experienced tourism. We will continue our support so that the Bodrum Rally is identified with Oasis and commemorated together.”

Rally Bodrum, the first race of the 2023 Turkish Rally Championship, of which Oasis Bodrum is among its sponsors, will be run in stages that reveal the natural beauties of the peninsula and take place in the Mumcular, Mazı and Etrim regions.

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